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How do you select a service provider or new team member to work with?

Can you honestly say your decision is 100% based on their ability?

What if they all have the same experience and expertise?

When you are given the choice of who to work with, in whatever capacity, you will tend to select those you engage well with. Often, you won’t be able to describe exactly the root of the positive engagement and rapport. It will be those you feel you could work with and who seem credible; ultimately those you know, like and trust.

Positive personal image is the starting point to becoming known, liked and trusted and building positive professional relationships for on-going professional success.

The big news is, it’s impossible to not have an image. So it’s vital that you are positively memorable.

Being positively memorable helps you and your organisation stand out and get ahead.

The important point is, it is about so much more than just what you wear and unfortunately is about far more than your intelligence, experience and expertise; due to basic human instinct which is almost impossible to overcome.

Inside Out, run by Joanna Gaudoin helps you and your organisation work on your personal image so you can be confident in what you communicate and have the skills to build better professional relationships to achieve greater professional success.

“Joanna’s style and manner set everyone at ease and her examples brought the sessions to life. Everyone took away key learnings which they can implement in their day jobs to improve both professional relationships and the perception of the team within the firm.” Management Consultancy client

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Personal and corporate image matter at every point in the journey from people viewing you and your colleagues on-line, meeting you at prospect and networking meetings through to engaging with you within an established professional relationship.

Inside Out helps professional men and women get it right in every scenario, from making a first impression through to building a consistent and credible image. Focus sectors include legal, banking, accountancy, recruitment and management consultancy in addition to some niche service industries.

“Joanna’s business pedigree, excellent communication skills and integrity quickly secured my trust and respect. But it is, I think, her unconditional commitment to a client’s success that makes her such an exceptional professional.” One-to-one client, new business owner

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