5 reasons why gravitas is a good thing

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5 reasons why gravitas is a good thing

Gravitas, presence – what do those words mean to you? They often come with an air of mystery and magic, something difficult to define and probably unattainable. The good news is they are learnable – all of us can improve the impact we have on others, particularly in our professional capacity, to be viewed with increased credibility.

The better news is I’m going to help you think about the difference having gravitas makes this week and give you some top tips to increase your gravitas in my next article.

5 reasons why increased gravitas can only be a good thing:

  1. Increasing your external gravitas helps you to increase your personal confidence – something we all need in our professional lives.
  2. You’ll get people’s attention quicker and keep it.
  3. You’re more likely to get the answer you want from your audience, whether that be a group or an individual.
  4. You’ll feel happier in your work life as spending time working on your gravitas means you need to focus on what you do and why (what you enjoy about it).
  5. You’ll be more memorable and be the ‘go to’ person when someone needs an expert in your field.

As you go to meetings and presentations this week, think about how much gravitas others have. If they have a lot in your opinion, start to think about why that is. What makes the difference?

I’ll give you a clue, personal image is a big part of it. If you want to start thinking about that, sign up below to get my free ‘Boost Your Personal Impact’ guide:

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