People matter, achieving our potential at work helps us get greater fulfilment and deliver more for our organisation.

However, many don’t realise their full potential – their strong technical skills and expertise, are not complemented by strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. These skills are pivotal to the impact we have in the workplace, the relationships we form and ultimately our own career success and its contribution to organisational performance and goal achievement.

As a trainer and speaker on all things related to personal impact and relationship building at work, I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be in their professional lives.

The who and the what

I work mainly with people in accountancy, legal, banking and actuarial on their personal impact – ‘how they show up’ at work. Additionally, on the skills and confidence in every scenario where there is engagement with others – including meetings, presentations, pitches, networking events and of course, the day-to-day.  Often there is a catalyst for working together, such as a promotion, applying for a new role, new responsibilities or revised organisational goals.

The difference

From my decade in the corporate world, and the last 5 years running Inside Out Image, I have seen the effect working on these areas makes to individual and organisational performance.

When we work together, I promise you approachability, practicality and a clear way forward to develop the necessary skills and confidence. The people that progress most in their careers and deliver most for their organisations don’t rely on experience and knowledge alone, they are also ‘people people’.

Think of me as an interpersonal trainer, as a personal trainer helps people develop fitness, I help people develop the skills to fulfil work potential.

What about you?

So, what perception do others have of you or your team? What perception do you want them to have? Where are relationships, or lack of them, affecting individual progression and organisational performance?

Get in touch today, if you would like to discuss a sticking point you have in your career, or if you look after people who need to work on the impact they have and how they relate to others. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Joanna Gaudoin

Owner of Inside Out Image