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Style Ready for Summer

Get style-ready for the summer season at this workshop focusing on younger looking skin and shape plus personal styling to put your best foot forward for the summer months! 15% discount on the gorgeous new Hobbs summer range.

Discover exclusive and non-invasive anti-aging solutions to rejuvenate your skin and reshape your figure – in the comfort of your home […]

Pertinent Personal Image Workshop to Win More Business 19th May

Know what matters to make a positive impression on potential clients and build an image that communicates credibility so you win more business
Do you care who you buy from?
Have you considered why or why not you build a professional relationship with someone?
You communicate yourself in seconds. That means in seconds, they decide whether to […]

BBC Breakfast – The Effect of Colour

I know my posts on the media are always popular so I couldn’t resist, having watched a few minutes of BBC Breakfast yesterday. I hope this brief review will give a small amount of insight into why certain colour tones suit certain people and the effect of colour.

Let’s look at Louse Minchin first, whilst […]

I got the promotion, what now?

Corporate life has a continual focus on the next step. What’s the next role? How long do I need to stay in this one before progressing to the next? What do I need to achieve before I can get there?

You could argue, like lots of areas of life we are never wholly in the […]

March’s Wednesday Work Wear Wrap-up

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When looking younger is a disadvantage!

If you think about the world around us, there’s a continual desire and pressure to hold back time and look younger.


The shelves in Boots are full of lotions and potions claiming ‘anti-ageing’. Glossy magazines cite ‘to do’ lists to stop the effect of the ticking clock on our skin, hair and physique.


Yet, interestingly, I […]

Is fashion just for skinny minnies?

Today’s short post is inspired by someone’s comment on a blogging forum.

I meet so many individuals, especially women who have very fixed ideas about what is permissible for them and what isn’t. If that’s due to genuinely knowing what suits them then that’s fine but what’s not fine is writing off options just because.

Now […]

What does the internet say about you?

The internet is truly amazing, for most of us it has changed our lives in terms of how we do lots of things – job searching, shopping, researching, booking holidays and managing money.

It gives us a fantastic opportunity not only to pull information but to push it too. What does the internet say about you?

What […]

Top tips for dressing up and dressing down

Preparing for a day’s office based work, particularly from a female perspective is now far more challenging than it was 30 years ago. Dress codes are far more fluid. You can read more about this in my article ‘The ‘A’ word replaces the business suit’. This article looks at hints and tips for dressing […]

Confidence to get you caught in the cycle of success

There is much said about female confidence and how it lags behind that of our male counterparts. The adage that a man will go for a promotion if he’s feels 60% ready for it, women wait until they are 110% there. Just think how this lack of confidence is holding thousands of women back. […]