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Why it matters how you show up!

You may have heard a lot of talk about unconscious bias lately. Essentially this is a term that refers to all our unconscious associations between characteristics, people and things! Links we don't consciously make and which may go unrecognised unless we consider them carefully. The debate about the danger of them is for another time. It is unconscious bias that is [...]

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Are there any foxes in your workplace?

What do you think of when you think of a fox? The words sly, cunning, resourceful might come to mind, amongst others. The reality is most workplaces will have some people that behave in this way at work. There might be others who are more like sheep, mules or owls, I’ll leave you to think about what those might mean. It’s [...]

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What is ‘office politics’?

What is office politics? This question can have a range of answers which all often come with a sigh and a resigned look. The fact is politics happens in most organisations, that’s because there are people working in organisations who have different motivations, perceptions, values and resulting behaviours. The problem comes when ‘office politics’ is so negative that it stands in [...]

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Don't be so busy that you get lost

Over the last year, I have been just one of several experts working on a leadership programme for a global company. This has involved webinars and importantly face-to-face time during ‘live’ modules. One of the things that has struck me is that people make little time for reflecting on their own career and making plans. As an owner of a company, [...]

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Listening to problem solve

You have probably heard the saying about us having 2 ears and 1 mouth and the implication of that. We all know we should listen to really hear, despite it often being a challenge in our busy lives. I wanted to take the opportunity today to show how powerful it is though, if you take the time to do it properly, [...]

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It’s not all about you

Considering how you come across to others and assessing the relationships you are building – whether that be in relation to senior stakeholders, clients or companies you partner with on projects or refer to/from are all very worthwhile and important considerations. In fact pivotal, particularly as you become more senior. However, an often forgotten element to how you communicate yourself and [...]

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3 things that make all the difference to networking success

Again recently, I have had conversations with lots of successful professional people who have said they dislike networking, know they don’t get enough from it and know they need to work on their skills. These are the people who acknowledge how essential it is to both their personal career success and that of their organisation.  Candidly this is because as people [...]

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