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The ‘C’ word of personal impact

Personal impact, maybe you have given it a lot of thought, maybe you haven’t. One thing for sure is, people will be impacting you positively, neutrally or negatively all the time and you will be having an effect on them too. The 3 key ’tools’ that we all have relating to how we communicate ourselves and engage others are the visual [...]

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Personal impact is not all about others

People sometimes resent thinking about their personal impact, as it immediately stirs up thoughts of what others think and the dreaded word ‘judgement’. The thought that comes to mind is 'Why should I care what others think of me?'. Of course, a lot of personal impact is about the effect we have on others. From basic human instinct, when they meet [...]

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Who has impacted you this week?

How many people have you encountered this week? It’s probably several hundred, if you include shop assistants, people on the phone, colleagues – the list goes on. Some of those will have been fleeting encounters of no note at all; others will have had more of an impact on you – positive or negative. You see we don’t tend to notice [...]

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Can you articulate your experience & expertise well at interview?

Going for an interview usually daunts even the most confident person. This is particularly the case when it has been a while since you have interviewed for a new role. As an experienced professional, there is little doubt that you have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer a new employer. However, unless you can articulate it clearly to the [...]

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Strategic Relationships & Exposure must be part of the day job! Tips to get Started.

How much thought do you give to gaining internal exposure in your organisation? Have you ever considered how vital it is to your career progression? In the last few weeks, I have heard of yet more examples of people missing out because of ‘a lack of exposure’ or a perceived absence of relationships with senior people. This can be very frustrating, [...]

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Fierce Conversation Principles Part 2

If you read my previous article (if you haven’t you can here)  I discussed the initial 4 principles of Susan Scott’s book ‘Fierce Conversations’. This week I want to look at the final 3 principles that support powerful, impactful and transformative conversations, so you can complete your thinking about what these conversations mean in reality and importantly how you can have [...]

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Fierce Conversation Principles Part 1

‘Fierce Conversations’, what does that phrase mean to you? It doesn’t mean aggressive, cruel or threatening, that’s for sure according to Susan Scott. If you read my previous articles about her book that carries this title, you’ll remember she shares some principles of having powerful conversations that in her words enrich relationships. As she also says, “The conversation is the relationship”. [...]

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The impact of words

How much thought do you give the words you use? If you're like most people, probably only more thought when you are in a more challenging situation or when the stakes are high. I recently read Susan Scott's 'Fierce Conversations'. It's a striking book where she shares some principles of having powerful conversations that in her words enrich relationships. As she [...]

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