Promotion & organisational performance is about more than getting the job done

If you have promoted people in your team, what has influenced your decision? Can you honestly say it was 100% down to their technical ability and knowledge? (Not that it should be). The reality is that these sorts of skills will only get you so far. Despite the focus being on knowledge and grades throughout school and university, to reach more [...]

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What to do if your team is fatigued

A fatigued, distracted and demotivated team can have an impact on much more than just work culture and internal dynamics. Poor mental wellbeing within a work environment also affects the bottom line with a cost of £34.9 billion to the UK economy from the consequences of fatigue or boredom, such as absenteeism. In many company cultures this issue is getting worse [...]

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A simple way to consider who makes which decisions at work

You may have read my recent article about delegating and the benefits of doing so, for the person who you are delegating to. If you didn’t, you can read it here. I wanted to build on this, using an idea featured in Susan Scott’s book ‘Fierce Conversations’ which you will have heard me mention before. I believe the theory I outline [...]

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Do you struggle to delegate?

One of my current clients came to me with several challenges, mainly around how she could step up to the next level and achieve a promotion for which she is in the running. Fundamentally, she felt she lacked knowledge and confidence regarding most of the aspects that she had seen me write about. As with many of my clients, they often [...]

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Repositioning ‘schmoozing’.

I was speaking to a friend recently who is a Director of a major property company, she was referring to a colleague who was feeling anxious that she felt she needed to 'schmooze’ more senior people to progress in her career. This is a common complaint that I hear and something that many people find challenging, both in terms of time and [...]

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Is your mirror well polished?

How would you rate yourself in terms of self-awareness? Self-awareness is about understanding what makes us tick including our strengths, weaknesses, drivers, emotions and beliefs. It's impossible to be self-aware 100% of the time in everything we do but having a high level is important for success at work. There are 2 main reasons: It is a key part of being [...]

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Why it matters how you show up!

You may have heard a lot of talk about unconscious bias lately. Essentially this is a term that refers to all our unconscious associations between characteristics, people and things! Links we don't consciously make and which may go unrecognised unless we consider them carefully. The debate about the danger of them is for another time. It is unconscious bias that is [...]

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Are there any foxes in your workplace?

What do you think of when you think of a fox? The words sly, cunning, resourceful might come to mind, amongst others. The reality is most workplaces will have some people that behave in this way at work. There might be others who are more like sheep, mules or owls, I’ll leave you to think about what those might mean. It’s [...]

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What is ‘office politics’?

What is office politics? This question can have a range of answers which all often come with a sigh and a resigned look. The fact is politics happens in most organisations, that’s because there are people working in organisations who have different motivations, perceptions, values and resulting behaviours. The problem comes when ‘office politics’ is so negative that it stands in [...]

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