BBC Article: Could a makeover save your career?

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BBC Article: Could a makeover save your career?

Professional image to boost your career success or, as the BBC say ‘save your career’

Great to see this article written by Katie Hope, the BBC Business reporter, published on-line  in September 2014. I couldn’t have written it better myself and it is of course good to see it from an independent source! Expertise and experience are both vital for career success but people often neglect the importance of their image in helping them build good relationships and credibility.

“It feels like since I saw her that things have changed for the better,” a 42-year-old female senior sales executive tells me.

The “her” in question is not a doctor or psychiatrist, but an image consultant. The sales executive, who works for a well-known blue chip firm, didn’t choose to go – her male boss told her to.

His advice was that she would sell more if she looked less like an accountant or a lawyer and more like an accomplished salesperson.

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