Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Do you sometimes struggle to have the influence you need to?

Are problematic relationships causing you challenges?

Career success is down to more than just the experience, qualifications and technical knowledge you have – many people will have similar skills and knowledge. It’s about how you engage with others – not just clients, prospects and partners externally, but colleagues at all levels too. Having a positive impact on others and the ability to influence them, wherever they experience you at work – in person, virtually or on-line and building strong professional relationships are pivotal to performing to the best of your ability, for the benefit of your organisation and for your own career success.

It’s not just about others’ perceptions of you either, it’s how you feel about yourself that has a huge impact on what you project to others and how confident you feel in different work situations.

Joanna Gaudoin runs Inside Out Image, she works with you on the areas that will most help you improve what you communicate to others, how you engage with them and your self-confidence; ultimately to help you build great professional relationships and be the best you can be at work. For many, it is related to their interaction with clients and prospects, as well as their internal personal profile. Inside Out Image’s specialism is working with professional and financial services sector clients who have superb technical knowledge, but who realise it isn’t enough and who want to work on their people skills.

You may know specifically what you need to work on; if you are unsure, Joanna will help you work it out. Career development work is very difficult to tackle alone, as none of us has a camera following us to understand what we are communicating and how we are being perceived i.e. having real self-awareness which is necessary to distil what the real challenges are. Working with an experienced third-party makes it easier to explore the issues objectively, with the benefit of advice from an experienced expert to tackle the challenge(s) you are facing.

What would be the cost of taking no action to work on your career challenges?

Contact Joanna to discuss your situation.

Inside Out Image’s Career Impact Programme is a series of tailored one-to-one sessions (as behavioural change takes time!). All sessions are highly practical and personalised and wherever possible follow a process of building Awareness, Education and Practice to achieve long-term change.

“As I am now taken more seriously, I have more and better relations, no longer needing to justify my presence, but instead concentrating on what needs to be done. Working with Joanna allowed me to really take possession of my role and be more confident in my abilities.” AL, Transformation Manager, Large Corporate. 

Joanna can work with you on the core ‘tools’ that you have to communicate yourself – appearance, body language and voice or on specific challenges – sometimes a combination of challenges.

Examples of areas Joanna works with her clients on include:

  • Navigating the organisational landscape and increasing effectiveness by helping you understand how you engage with different types of people at work and how this could be improved, to unlock your career barriers and for better decision making and organisational cohesion. ‘Negative office politics’ hold back many careers.
  • Maximising networking opportunities, so you understand how beneficial it can be to your career, create a strategy and know how to network confidently and effectively at events. Being known is the first stage of building great professional relationships.
  • Building strategic relationships as a step on from networking, when time is often limited, to have strong relationships in place internally and externally. Lack of internal exposure prevents many people from achieving their next career move in the time frame they’d like to.
  • Presenting information engagingly to inform and influence, presentations are an excellent opportunity not only to persuade and influence, but to have an overall positive impact on others and build your exposure.
  • Managing and engaging in effective meetings, including those that are virtual. Lack of impact in a meeting scenario can be hugely career detrimental.
  • Building a strong and clear on-line profile, as often people view that before and after meeting you. This can make the difference to whether a meeting happens and if it does, the course it takes.

Are you looking for a new opportunity ?

  • Creating an impactful CV and on-line profile are essential to showcase your expertise and be put forward for the right opportunities. Then being able to make a positive impact at interview is of paramount importance to secure the role you want.

If you have a non technical career challenge, contact Joanna  to discuss your situation and find out more about the Career Impact Programme.

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