Small talk – top 3 tips for getting it going positively!

Small talk, a phrase dreaded by many as it usually conjures up pictures of an awkward situation where you have to make conversation with someone you don’t know at all or don’t know well. In reality, it might not just be awkward situations when it is necessary but situations that become awkward if you […]

Avoid ‘blending in’ at networking, like the plague!

There’s been a lot of comment on Theresa May’s shoes and indeed a lot of comment on how much comment there has been.

Whilst it is unfair how much comment women get regarding their appearance versus men, certainly as a lot of it is criticism, surely there is an advantage to be gained?

The networking event […]

Will they really want to speak to me?

How do you feel about networking? If you are in the significant majority that don’t love it then what is it you dislike about it?

Most people, if they are really honest, dislike it because you usually need to find people to talk to and make conversation. Of course, the underlying fear of these elements […]

Are you doing any of these?

When you come away from networking who do you follow-up with? I am hoping it’s someone…! A potential client, a potential collaborator, someone you just liked?

How important is it to you that you ‘like’ someone in order to follow-up? If I’m realistic, if it’s a good potential client, you probably care far less about […]

It’s worth starting young!

This could be true for lots of things in life but in this circumstance I am talking about networking.

If you think about it, we are building our personal network our whole lives – those we meet at school, university, parties. However, how much thought do you give to building your professional network?

I encounter and […]

Internal networking, yes it’s worth it

Last week’s article (click here to access it) was about the value and importance of networking even when you work in a larger organisation. I wanted to follow that up with a real life example that I heard about last week when I was facilitating some breakout sessions as part of my associate role […]

Networking: why it matters (even in a large company) & getting started

Networking…what does the term mean to you? Do you consciously think about ‘building your network’? If so, is that a passive activity – remembering people you meet, a bit more active such as saving new contacts in Outlook or are you someone that focuses on attending events to meet new people, connect after the […]

The best of Inside Out from the last week – image articles!

It’s been a fun packed week starting the 30 day blog challenge. Every day, I have been providing insights (and hopefully inspiration!) on everything image. I wanted to summarise the blogs I have created in case you missed any that may be useful to you!

Just click on the titles to link directly to the […]

Do you keep your promises?

We’re all busy, right? We all have a never ending ‘to do’ list – work tasks, household tasks, birthdays to buy for and admin to do.

How important is it to you that you do the things you say you will – keep your promises? Sure, we all forget the odd thing but how frequently […]

Networking tips – what not to be remembered for!

Networking, we could do it morning, noon and night. There are groups galore meeting across the country all day every day Monday to Friday. For small businesses and those responsible for business development in larger companies, it’s a vital part of any working week. I often write about networking as it’s one of my […]