7 tips to increase your gravitas

If you read my previous article ‘5 reasons why gravitas is a good thing’, you’ll have realised the benefits of gravitas – how having it makes your life easier, helping you to get your message heard and increase the chances of action being taken! If you didn’t read it, you can do so here.

So […]

A different way of thinking about a first impression?

Frequently in my talks and workshops, when I am covering the topics of psychology of image and the impact of a first impression, I have people say we just shouldn’t judge one another from a first impression. It’s a great idea but very hard to achieve, it is pretty much impossible to meet someone […]

Silkarmour in conversation with Joanna Gaudoin

I was recently interviewed by the women’s work wear brand Silkarmour, read on for tips and to learn a bit more about me…
Silkarmour are online purveyors of luxury women’s workwear. Founded to inspire and empower ambitious career women, Silkarmour provides essential luxury and curated career advice at the touch of a button. From the […]

Why every professional needs to be on LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? In my experience, there are 4 types of people with regard to the professional social network.

Very frequent users who are very at home on there. They typically have a great profile, lots of connections (usually over the so called ‘magic 500’), engage with other posts, publish content and use it […]

5 reasons why gravitas is a good thing

Gravitas, presence – what do those words mean to you? They often come with an air of mystery and magic, something difficult to define and probably unattainable. The good news is they are learnable – all of us can improve the impact we have on others, particularly in our professional capacity, to be viewed […]

Are you the same at every stop?

Unless you receive a very warm referral, winning a new client can often be a long process as they get to understand if you can really help them and importantly whether they like and trust you. Research has shown that on average it takes 7 interactions with someone before they commit to work with […]

Is your company afraid to tackle difficult issues?

We would all say we want to be honest and deal with issues that come up in our businesses, issues that stop us from progressing and growing as we perhaps might. However, the reality is it is difficult to face and tackle tricky issues, whether they are individual and personal or external and something […]

You can neither hide behind your screen…

…nor a great profile. LinkedIn, it’s a must now, not just for those of us running businesses but for those in the corporate world. It is expected that we have an online professional presence. I am pleased to say that most of the time, the majority have a profile.

However, beyond setting up a profile […]

That pile of business cards

Most of us have a pile of business cards that we’ve collected from networking and other meetings, whether the pile is in the desk drawer, in a folder or scattered across various locations.

A clear out of my office at the weekend brought my own advice to the fore.

I found a pile of business cards […]

The Missing Piece In Your Professional Life

You know the feeling, you’ve been through the tough interview process with all its anxiety, you’ve had the elation and relief of being offered the role you wanted and you’ve got through the first month or perhaps the first 3 years!

We all know it takes time to get into a role – to work […]