Strategic relationships to impact your career and professional success

Strategic relationships – what does this term mean to you?

It is about what it says but then the big question is, do you take time to think about these? Who they should be with and how you will go about building them? Do you know you should be connecting with people more but struggle […]

Small talk – top 3 tips for getting it going positively!

Small talk, a phrase dreaded by many as it usually conjures up pictures of an awkward situation where you have to make conversation with someone you don’t know at all or don’t know well. In reality, it might not just be awkward situations when it is necessary but situations that become awkward if you […]

A different way of thinking about a first impression?

Frequently in my talks and workshops, when I am covering the topics of psychology of image and the impact of a first impression, I have people say we just shouldn’t judge one another from a first impression. It’s a great idea but very hard to achieve, it is pretty much impossible to meet someone […]

Does your relationship give you permission?

Have you ever had someone give you what you felt was unsolicited feedback? Someone pass comment when you don’t feel they are not well placed to do so?

Negative feedback is often hard to accept wholeheartedly (not just at work, but in our personal lives too!) but if you think about it, when is it […]

Don’t burn your bridges

The last few weeks in politics have thrown up lots of things to consider, particularly around leadership, professional relationships and integrity.

It’s interesting to think about the Cabinet and how, until recently, they were probably all focused on what the Prime Minister David Cameron and George Osborne (wannabee Prime Minister) thought of them.

We’ll probably never […]

Basic courtesy is an essential building block of your image

How good are you at following-up? I don’t just mean on glaring business opportunities but on less obvious ones too, as well as doing things you’ve promised and thanking those that have helped you.

I’ve been amazed recently at the lack of following-up/basic courtesy I’ve experienced (if not personally, then second hand). From the ridiculous, […]