3 ways to instantly increase your vocal impact in any business situation

If I had a £1 for every time I get asked if I analyse everyone’s personal impact around me, I’d be a wealthy woman! The answer to this question is simple, “No”. I am sure an architect doesn’t analyse every building s/he sees, they’d go mad. What I do notice though is particularly positive personal […]

The Power of a Pause

In our busy culture, there’s an emphasis on speed and getting as much done as possible.

This is reflected in our long ‘to do’ lists, our body movements and our speech.

When I work with 1-2-1 clients, no matter what the scenario whether it be impact at interview, presenting, impact in meetings, one of the most […]

Your voice is so much more than words

You may or may not know that 38% of the first impression you make when meeting someone face-to-face is down to your voice, with only 7% only being the what you say! Whilst visual at 55% is pretty powerful, your voice is still a key part of what you communicate about yourself. Imagine how […]