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Are female prospects and clients
important to your organisation?

What are you doing to grow those
relationships and win more business?

Would you like to engage your female prospects and clients in a new inspiring way to improve your professional relationship with them?

Would you like an alternative to inviting them to drinks and lunches?

I will help you host an event to really engage your female clients and most importantly prospects. This will leave them with a positive memory of you and your organisation to enhance your professional relationship and win more business from them.

As an image expert with 12 years experience in the corporate world, I have helped many organisations entertain and engage their clients, prospects and associates. Running a style themed event is an excellent way to engage clients and prospects and differentiate your organisation – making sure your organisation is top of mind when there is a business opportunity.

I work with organisations which recognise the importance of their female clients and prospects to their business and who want to entertain and engage them in an interesting and differentiated way.

The types of organisations I work with include law firms, accountancy practices, networking groups and solopreneurs such as IFAs and wealth managers to build engagement with their female clients and prospects through a client entertainment event.

Would you like to run a client entertainment event with a difference to entertain your female clients and prospects?

If so, contact me to discuss what could work for your organisation or click on one of the links below:

VIP workshop for a small group of female prospects and clients

Theme focused networking event for a larger group of prospects and clients