Do you want more from your people than just their technical skills and knowledge?

Do you have experienced, technical people who need to have a greater impact internally?

Do you have talented people who you want to build better relationships with clients and prospects?

Your people are at the forefront of your organisation. How they come across, whether to clients, prospects or internally affects how your company is perceived and individuals’ ability to build strong professional relationships.

Experience, expertise and technical knowledge always matter. However, the opportunity to really stand out and get ahead as an organisation and as individuals is when there are strong, professional relationships, where people want to work with one another and can do so effectively.

Strong professional relationships mean organisations flourish – from an external perspective more business is won, with existing and new clients for the long-term; clients are also then more likely to talk about your organisation positively to others. From an internal perspective, positive relationships and ways of working directly support the organisation’s client work and individuals’ leadership presence, as well as improving how decisions are made, creating greater organisational cohesion and ultimately making things happen.

Inside Out Image works with your people on the impact they have on those around them – how they communicate themselves and engage with others, ultimately to build strong professional relationships that directly impact an organisation’s success. It’s about their personal confidence, as well as how others perceive them – they are strongly correlated.

Inside Out Image helps experienced and often ‘technical’ people become great people people through corporate training across every professional scenario, wherever they encounter others that they need to make an impression on and build a relationship with. Areas include:

  • Why personal impact and relationships matter, together with the core ‘tools’ that we have to communicate ourselves – appearance, body language and voice. People need to understand the why before the how.
  • Building a strong and clear on-line profile as often people review that before and after meeting people. This can make the difference to whether a meeting happens and if it does, the course it takes.
  • Presenting information engagingly and with credibility to inform and influence. Find out more.
  • Navigating networking so that people acknowledge its importance, create a strategy and know how to network effectively at events. Find out more.
  • Building strategic relationships as a step on from networking, when time is often limited, to have strong relationships in place internally and externally. Find out more.
  • Managing and engaging in effective meetings, including those that are virtual.
  • Navigating the organisational landscape by helping people understand how they engage with others and how this could be improved for better decision making and organisational cohesion. Find out more.

There are several ways in which Inside Out Image works with your organisation:

  • Workshops for small groups of your people, often supported by short one-to-ones to personalise the learning.
  • In-depth one-to-one sessions over a period of time to work with an individual on specific areas or challenges.
  • Talks/presentations at events including conferences, networking and client entertainment.

Inside Out Image carries out one-off corporate training but also builds bespoke longer-term programmes to make sure your people develop the skills to have a positive impact in different professional scenarios, by building their skills over time – behavioural change rarely happens immediately.

Most delivery is face-to-face but remote one-to-one sessions, as well as live and recorded webinars are also possible.

All client work focuses on:

Raising Awareness, Educating and wherever possible Practising what has been learnt.

All delivery is highly practical and personalised, leaving your people with tangible learnings and action they can take, to impact your organisation’s performance.

Contact Inside Out Image for a conversation, to see how we can help your people.

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