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Would you like your team to consistently win new business – both from existing clients and prospects?

How could their current personal image and impact be improved to boost your corporate image and add to your bottom line?

People buy people. The impression your people make on others through their appearance, body language and communication skills is vital. It needs to be compelling, credible and impactful. If it isn’t, then your organisation could be missing out on building client relationships and ultimately, business.

Does your team understand the importance of their image and impact on winning new business and the organisation’s success?

Technical skills are vital but so are social skills – the ability to build client relationships – do your team possess these?

How do clients and prospects perceive your company as represented by your people?

I will demonstrate the importance of personal image and what they can do to really make a difference with practical and relevant advice. Both improved confidence and practical changes to appearance, body language and verbal communication skills will transform your team’s personal impact on clients and prospects and in turn your corporate image, resulting in more business.

As an image expert with 12 years experience in the corporate world, I understand what makes the difference to an individual’s engagement with prospects and clients and ultimately how well they contribute to your business. I have helped many individuals and organisations gain clarity on why image matters, what makes the difference and how each individual can improve what they communicate for business success.

“I met Joanna at a networking event and was impressed by her approach. I felt that she would add “consultant” weight to our proposed office dress code assessment and be able to advise on how to bring this forward. We have now completed this and she dealt with the process with feeling and a clear understanding of the issues involved both from the individual’s perspective and our own and with sympathy to our budget. I have already recommended her to others and would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks, Joanna!”
Nick Richardson, Partner, rhw solicitors

My main objective is to help your team recognise the importance of their image and impact for your corporate image and know how to take personal action for the success of your organisation.

I work with individuals in corporates in 3 main ways:

  • 1-2-1 work – to help an individual tackle image and impact challenges that are holding him or her back in their career
  • Lunch and learn sessions – a short group session to introduce the topic of image and impact and provide food for thought
  • Workshops – a group session or series of sessions on different aspects of image and impact tailored to the needs of the organisation and the specific audience. These interactive workshops are designed to prompt action and are often supported by short 1-2-1 sessions to make sure individuals can ask the questions they want to and receive some individual input. Topics include ‘Why Personal Image Matters & The Role of Appearance for Greater Professional Success’, ‘The Importance of Networking and the Skills & Confidence to Build Business Relationships’ and ‘How to Make a Positive Impact Remotely & On-line’

Email me to arrange a call back to discuss how I can help your organisation.

The organisations I work with include law firms, accountancy practices, consultancy practices, recruitment companies and other organisations, all of whom value their clients and prospects and want to serve them to the best of their ability to maximise business results.

So, do you want your people to improve their image and impact to influence your organisation’s success?

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