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Do your students need to be equipped to make a positive impression on work placements and at interviews?

Do they need to understand how quickly first impressions are made and the importance of how they present themselves?

Do they need to gain skills to deliver presentations effectively?

Competition is fierce for university places and jobs. Whilst skills and qualifications will always remain essential, many students have a similar profile but it is soft skills, including personal image and impact that make the difference to success.

Students need to know how to make a positive impression – how to dress appropriately, how to use body language positively and how to use their voice effectively. How to bring these together to create and deliver an effective presentation.

Understanding the importance of building rapport and presenting a consistent image to create trust and credibility is vital to success.

As an image expert with 12 years experience in the corporate world, I understand which skills are vital to make a positive impact on work experience assignments and to succeed at interview. I run student workshops and have helped many students understand the importance of their personal image and impact and advise them how to make practical, impactful changes for their success.

“Joanna advertised her workshops on presentation and body language by practising what she preaches at our assembly, and 75 of our Year 12 pupils signed up. The workshops on interview technique, networking and image & impact were well planned and targeted. Pupils were enthusiastic in their feedback and enjoyed the opportunity to look beyond university admissions to the professional world.” Simon K, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, King’s College School, Wimbledon

My main objective is to help students understand the importance of soft skills and see why their image matters and how they can make a difference to their career prospects. Many of the messages I communicate are challenging to today’s student generation and inspire debate; often schools and universities find a third party expert is better placed to equip students with these vital skills for the outside world.

Typically, I work with students in a highly interactive workshop using discussion and exercises to maximise engagement and learning. Students leave with a lot of practical advice to put their new knowledge into action.

My workshops are often a complement to specialist career sessions and other third party presentations, helping students build the confidence and skills they need to win a university place or start their career before or after university.

Is image and impact the missing piece in the education of your students?

Have they been equipped with good presentation skills?

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