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Do you need a credible speaker for your event, conference or group?

Do you want a topic that will engage your audience and provide tangible advice?

Joanna Gaudoin is an experienced presenter and speaker. Her expertise in the area of personal  impact and professional relationship building for increased greater success are engaging and highly relevant topics for professional people.

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Joanna’s experience of speaking includes conferences, networking events and groups mainly in the actuarial, banking and professional services sectors. Engagements are tailored to client requirements.

Joanna is experienced at speaking to audiences of different sizes in a variety of settings. All speaking engagements are characterised by offering practical advice and suggestions, based on research and experience, as well as real-life stories.

This is what people say about Joanna as a speaker:

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Joanna as a speaker. She spoke at the 2016 IFoA Momentum conference, a conference for 200 nearly and newly qualified actuaries. There she delivered the opening plenary on networking, which was extremely well received delivering insightful tips and real-life advice. It was well pitched for an audience of mixed levels of social confidence and experience in networking. I feel confident in saying I certainly learnt a lot! Joanna’s talk set the tone for what turned out to be an excellent conference for networking.”

“An informative, inclusive and humorous event.  I thoroughly enjoyed that talk and the presentation of the content.”

“The speaker was great and relevant as well as engaging and fun.”

“A really interesting talk; topic of use and well delivered.”

 “Very informative, quick, sharp and punchy.”

Titles and content are tailored to the event and the audience but broad topics include:

  • Why image and impact make all the difference to professional success
  • Getting your appearance right for who you are, your confidence and professional success
  • Gravitas – yes it is learnable and here’s how to have it
  • Body language & voice skills to engage effectively with others
  • Being you at work for impact, performance and professional happiness
  • The art of building positive professional relationships
  • Networking skills and confidence for career success
  • Building a consistent image wherever people experience you
  • Navigating the organisational landscape – positive organisational politics

Contact Joanna to discuss your requirements further and book her to speak at your event.

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