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The best of Inside Out from the last week – image articles!

It’s been a fun packed week starting the 30 day blog challenge. Every day, I have been providing insights (and hopefully inspiration!) on everything image. I wanted to summarise the blogs I have created in case you missed any that may be useful to you!

Just click on the titles to link directly to the articles.

So… organised by topic…drum roll…


  1. Networking tips – what not to be remembered for!
    • People meet lots of contacts at networking; you need to be remembered for something positive. This article explores what not to be remembered for!
  2. Do you keep your promises?
    • Attending a networking event is only half the job, if you don’t keep the follow-up commitments you make whilst there, it’s a waste of time and like pressing self-destruct on your image!


  1. How important is fashion?
    • Fashion is an important part of our culture but what role should it play in your wardrobe? This article explores what to consider.
  2. The all-important ‘A’word replaces the business suit
    • Dress codes are now more fluid and it’s no longer all about the business suit. This article looks at the new world and what is important to consider.
  3. The small things that help personal confidence
    • It’s the big things that get press in terms of confidence, this articles illustrates the small changes we can all make to boost our confidence and therefore our image.
  4. Love your wardrobe & boost your confidence
    • Wardrobes can be dark places, this article looks at the reasons why and how to shed some light in there.

Beyond appearance

  1. Your voice is so much more than words
    • 38% of the first impression you make is down to your voice. This article considers the different aspects of your voice that matter.
  2. Your 10 point positive personal image checklist
    • There is a lot to consider in terms of a positive personal image. This article summarises the top 10 elements to check before an important meeting or event.

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