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Have you been for multiple interviews but not got anywhere?

Do you fear interviews and this stops you taking your career forward?

Have you been in your role a long time and are out of interview practice?

Interviews often present an opportunity to be promoted to the next position internally or to progress your career in a new organisation. Frequently, interviewers will see many people who on paper have similar experience and knowledge. The challenge is how to stand out positively from the other people they see, to achieve interview success.

It is all about how you build rapport and connect with them, as well as how you communicate your past experience and your personality. The interviewer needs to come away with a good view of you, so they know whether or not you are right for the role they are looking to fill.

Joanna Gaudoin will help you assess how you can better communicate who you are and the experience you have.  She will help you come across credibly to increase your chances of interview success. To find out more, get in touch or complete the information below to receive some top tips.

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