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Personal Image Workshop to Win More Business 9th July

Know what matters to make a positive impression on potential clients and build an image that communicates credibility so you win more business

Do you care who you buy from?

Have you considered why or why not you build a professional relationship with someone?

You communicate yourself in seconds. That means in seconds, they decide whether to engage with you or not, whether to build a professional relationship with you or not and ultimately whether to buy from you or not.

You can’t afford not to understand what matters and the tips and tricks to have a positive personal image which represents you and your work.

This full day workshop will cover what personal image is, why it matters so much and the detailed aspects of appearance, body language and voice that affect it.

You will walk away with a sound knowledge of what to work on, including specific, personalised advice.

You spend money on marketing your business but do you invest in your personal image? If you don’t and you are regularly attending networking events and sales meetings then this is a big gap as you are a vital part of your marketing.

Joanna Gaudoin, image expert and owner of Inside Out will make sure you know what counts regarding your personal image and what to do to engage with more potential clients and win more business.

This event is aimed at solopreneurs or those in small/medium businesses. It’s a small group event with a maximum of 12 participants to make sure you have the opportunity to participate, discuss and importantly, ask the burning questions you want to so you walk away with new knowledge and skills.

“Joanna is the ultimate professional! She presents her substance aptly and credibly, and is an expert image consultant. She is instantly likeable and makes a great first and lasting impression. Her workshops and events stand out from others as memorable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!” Rina G

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As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Understand why image matters, what makes the difference and how you can improve what you communicate for business success
  • Be able to make tangible improvements to your image
  • Feel more confident about the image you communicate
  • Make an impact to bring in new clients and win more business from existing clients
  • Receive a guide with the key points from the workshop for you to refer to
  • Have a 20 minute 1-2-1 follow-up call with Joanna in the month following the event

Thursday 9th July 9.30 – 5pm, Central London, venue TBC


9.30 – 5pm, Workshop including:

  • What personal image is
  • The importance of your first impression
  • How to build an on-going, credible image
  • The aspects that matter
  • Focus on appearance
  • Focus on body language
  • Focus on voice
  • Lunch (provided)
  • Plenty of time to discuss and ask questions

Investment including the full day workshop, lunch, networking guide and the 1-2-1 follow-up:

Earlybird £300 before 1st July 

£375 after 1st July

Book here or contact me directly:

Joanna Gaudoin                       07974351047                          [email protected]

Can’t make this date but want to attend? Email me [email protected]

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