Do you worry about what to wear to that important meeting?

Do you feel you don’t ‘fit in’ with those around you at work and it bothers you?

Do you feel that your wardrobe no longer really works for you and you lack a personal style?

You are not alone, most women worry about their personal appearance and feel they should know how to put appropriate outfits together which they look and feel great in – to make the impact they want to at work . But why should they? It’s a skill like any other, which some people have more intuitively then others.

There’s also the added challenge of today’s work dress code being far less fixed than it once was – a suit is rarely the answer in many sectors.

With the increased freedom and the ability to be more ourselves, comes the greater challenge of what to select for different professional scenarios. With increased seniority too, there is an expectation to express more individuality and personality but this can be challenging to get right; especially when it also needs to be appropriate for your sector, your role and the scenario.

Women typically wear just 20% of their wardrobes. The other 80% a mixture of stuff that no longer fits, is the wrong shape, out of date or perhaps has never even been worn (you are not alone!).

There is no denying people do form perceptions of you according to what you look like, there’s little that can be done about this so your appearance does matter. What is also important to remember is that how you perform at work is significantly impacted by how you feel about yourself – your appearance plays a key role in that confidence level.

Getting your personal appearance right

Joanna helps you be your best self, for your own confidence as well as what you communicate to others – helping you have an appearance that is appropriate, yet feels like you. She works with you to work out who you are, what you want to communicate and to translate that appropriately for your work situation to make sure you have a consistent and credible image. Importantly, she provides you with a simple toolkit to help you select the right clothes and accessories for you.


New concepts take time to learn and old habits take time to change, so this is not a short-term, quick fix. Joanna works with you over time to make sure any changes you make are the right ones for you and are sustainable, Joanna:

  • makes sure you know what works for you in every regard including shapes, cuts, necklines, patterns and colours – clothing and accessories.
  • shows you how to build outfits from existing and new items.
  • teaches you how to shop effectively for what you need, who you are and what suits you.

After working with Joanna:

  • You’ll be clear what you want to communicate and how to communicate it through your visual appearance.
  • You’ll have a wardrobe full of things you want to wear and can wear with different items (greater ability to mix and match so you may even end up with fewer items!).
  • You’ll have a clear guide on how to evaluate whether to buy something new or not (unless it’s a ‘must have, fun’ item – this is not about becoming boring and regimented!) – saving you time and money.
  • You’ll have a positive personal appearance that you can be confident in and which helps others form the right perceptions of you, both of which will propel your career success.

If you’re ready to find out more about my ‘Personal Appearance For Professional Success’ Programme, send me an email.

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Usually, women think about working on their appearance at a point of change in their life whether that be a new role, going for promotion or returning to work. If promotion is the one on your plan, then click here to receive my free ‘Promotion Prospects Checklist’ and guide.

I look forward to helping you develop your image and confidence to do your experience and expertise justice.

If you are thinking about your overall impact then your body language and voice are vital parts of the mix, to read more about those aspects, click here.

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