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Have you considered that how you react to someone is partly down to what they communicate through their body language?

Have you noticed that some people’s voices are engaging and easy to listen to whilst some are less so?

What you communicate to others and how effectively they engage with you is heavily influenced by how you use both your voice and your body to communicate. You can be the most appropriately dressed for whatever professional scenario but if you don’t use your voice and body to good effect then the benefit is lost. So much is conveyed by your body language and the nuances of your voice – beyond what you are actually saying.

People can quickly assume so much about us from both of these elements. Research shows that in a business meeting, 60-80% of what we communicate is via our body language.  Sometimes, it might not be what we want to communicate!

body language
body language

It’s not just about communicating ourselves either, but it is also about what we can read about others. Once we can understand what they are communicating it is much easier to engage them more successfully. Think of the bored, disengaged person in the meeting room who you need to get on board, you need to be able to read their true feelings and know what to do to re-engage them to achieve your work objectives.

Lack of credibility of voice can really cause a lack of engagement with others, particularly in today’s more remote working world. If you don’t command the right attention from the minute you start that teleconference, your opportunity to influence is severely diminished or even lost.

Joanna works with you on your body language and voice, to help you make more impact at meetings, stand out at networking events and speak engagingly to clients – whatever the professional scenario Joanna helps you have more impact and confidence.

She helps you to physically command your space for credibility, to read and respond to others effectively and to command airtime credibly when you speak. If you feel you are not making the impact you need to in any aspect of your professional life, get in touch to see how Joanna can help you. All sessions are tailored to what you need to work on. Sessions are focused on awareness, education and practice.

If you’d like to start thinking about how body language and voice, as well as your appearance, affect your personal impact then sign up for my free 6 part ‘Boost Your Personal Impact’ guide. Alternatively, contact Joanna to see how she can help you.

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