Who has impacted you this week?

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Who has impacted you this week?

How many people have you encountered this week? It’s probably several hundred, if you include shop assistants, people on the phone, colleagues – the list goes on. Some of those will have been fleeting encounters of no note at all; others will have had more of an impact on you – positive or negative. You see we don’t tend to notice those where the impact is neutral.

Neutral is fine for most of life, it doesn’t matter that we don’t walk away thinking something particularly great about the person who served us in the supermarket (although of course it will help us feel more positive or negative about that supermarket, if there is an ‘extreme’ of experience).

However, the same cannot be said of us at work, the impact we have on others when we first meet them and on-going affects how a relationship progresses, in some cases it may affect whether a relationship starts, if you think about the case of a new client or customer meeting.

Our personal impact affects individual career progression too, as decisions are made about projects we work on, responsibilities we are given and promotions we receive, not just based on performance but candidly what people think of us – the impact we have on them (if there’s none and we are not known, then that is an issue in itself) and how we have built relationships.

If you are still not convinced about the importance of personal impact and its role in career success, or would like to find out more about the psychology behind it and the 3 key ‘tools’ we all have to create personal impact, I will be running a free webinar on 26th March at 6pm, for an hour. You can sign up here. If you sign up and can’t make it, you will be sent the recording.

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