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Do you realise that most interviewers decide within minutes whether you will progress to the next stage or not?

How much thought do you give to your interview beyond how to answer the questions and what to wear?

It might not be a palatable truth but success at interview is very much about being able to build rapport with the interviewer and have a positive impact on them, beyond being able to respond to the questions.

After a day of interviewing, experience and expertise being similar, the interviewer will remember and progress the candidates they had rapport with and who they can imagine having in their team. You need to make a positive impact at interview.

Beyond being dressed appropriately and neatly, there is so much more you can work on to build rapport – it’s all about the little things – from the moment they set eyes on you until they see you out. If you don’t gain the interviewer’s attention and engage them effectively to showcase your great experience and expertise, your chances of success at interview are severely diminished.

You will begin your ‘Impact at Interview’ journey by providing specified information to Joanna so she understands more about you and your situation, to make sure the face-to-face session is entirely relevant and personalised to you. The face-to-face session begins with a mock interview, to assess which areas of your interview performance can most benefit from development.

From there, all your time with Joanna is tailored to those areas where you can achieve a step change in how you perform at interview to help you get the role that’s right for you. The entire recruitment process can be covered, from the moment you engage with potential employers/recruiters, through to leaving the interview room.

Joanna works with you to build awareness of areas for improvement, educate you on how these can be improved, before spending time practising to embed your learning. You will then have the tools to build rapport so you are able talk about your great experience and expertise with confidence and impact, to engage the interviewer.

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If you’d like to discuss, how Joanna can work with you on the key areas to make a difference to your interview success, send her an email. We all have blind spots and don’t know what we don’t know so, make sure you are being the best you can be at interview to get the role you want.