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Personal impact is not all about others

People sometimes resent thinking about their personal impact, as it immediately stirs up thoughts of what others think and the dreaded word ‘judgement’. The thought that comes to mind is ‘Why should I care what others think of me?’.

Of course, a lot of personal impact is about the effect we have on others. From basic human instinct, when they meet us they are deciding whether they trust us, do we look friendly and ultimately, whether we are credible for what we do, if in a professional context.

However, what often gets neglected is the benefit reflecting and working on our personal impact can have on our personal confidence. Sometimes, people have been unable to articulate exactly why they feel (and therefore probably come across) less confident in certain situations or with certain people. However, very often they have a less than positive reaction to a certain situation or person which affects how they act.

When someone has been able to acknowledge that and had support to work on the elements to overcome it, not only does it show externally but the internal feeling greatly improves (confidence), which also adds to the positive external impact.

This can be career and indeed life changing. When we feel more confident, we perform better at our job and come across more positively to others which helps to build relationships and also add to improved performance. As after all, strong professional relationships with clients, prospects and colleagues are the bedrock to professional success and organisational performance.

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