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Why do you engage more effectively with some people than with others?

How quickly do you make up your mind whether and how to respond to someone?

Every day, we are interacting with those around us at work; it is impossible to work in isolation. In your busy professional life, you have a limited amount of time to make a positive impact on others and build those all-important professional relationships –with senior people in your organisation, colleagues, existing clients, prospects or a potential employer.

Having the ability to stand out positively and engage effectively with others in different business scenarios is essential for the success of your organisation and your career. It’s all about your personal impact and confidence.

Depending on your role, making that positive impact may affect the client work you win, the projects you get to work on, the promotions you are awarded and the role you are in in the first place or all of these.

It’s not just about first impressions but building on-going personal credibility and rapport with others.

Joanna Gaudoin has over 13 years’ experience of professional life – initially as a marketer and consultant, and over the last 5 years as an image expert helping professional people be the best they can be with how they communicate themselves and build engagement and rapport with others.

Joanna works with you to understand your current situation and  who you are so she can tailor sessions to your requirements and challenges, whether it be about your overall professional image and personal impact or a business specific scenario where you need to improve your skills and confidence.

“Joanna was personally recommended to me by a trusted executive coach, to help me with my work on self-image.  I was in a competitive directorship selection process; I felt I needed help to present myself appropriately, to look professional and feel confident while remaining authentic.
I spent an enjoyable day with Joanna covering many aspects. It was so relevant, practical and helpful, and the skills learnt have been easy to implement into everyday life.
I already I feel I have made great improvements and I have received unsolicited compliments within my workplace.”
Alison G, Finance Director

Your Appearance, Body Language and Voice may all benefit from development to improve your personal impactor there may be one or two specifically where focus is most beneficial.

For more information on just some of the ways, Joanna works with you to help you achieve greater professional success, use the links below:

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