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Do you or any of your people…

…have challenges around decision making and organisational cohesion?

…lack trust in how they work together?

…seem to have hit a wall in terms of career progression?

Being ‘politically intelligent’ is an essential skill in today’s work place. No organisation is devoid of ‘office politics’, as each has a mixture of people with different views, motivations and goals. Being able to navigate the organisation in a positive way is essential to better decision making, team cohesion and getting things done, as well as individual career progression.

Inside Out Image is licensed by the Academy for Political Intelligence (www.tafpi.com) and works with people to understand how political their organisation is and how they currently behave in the environment, by means of a profiling tool.

Political Intelligence

This tool also helps individuals to understand how others behave in comparison to themselves and allows for specific focus on the areas and skills that need to be worked on to improve their ‘political intelligence’ and achieve the associated individual and organisational benefits. To find out more contact Inside Out Image.