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Do you or any of your people…

…dread presentations or struggle to get engagement?

…avoid presenting which affects the flexibility of the team and individual career progression?

…have a key event coming up where important information needs to be conveyed?

Presenting information engagingly is an essential skill in most careers – both externally to clients and prospects and internally to colleagues. Avoiding presenting or not having the skills, can limit the flexibility of a team and be individually career limiting.

Whilst group presentation skills workshops are a great start, individuals benefit from one-to-one support to help them develop their own way of presenting engagingly, to inform and influence.

Inside Out Image works with senior individuals over a series of short sessions to assess where they are now and then works with them on how they can improve their presenting style to be more engaging, persuasive and credible, yet comfortable.  To find out more, contact Inside Out Image.