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Joanna delivered a presentation on networking to a group of PR’s Future Leaders and content was received with great interest. Joanna received excellent feedback imparting some great knowledge and wonderful tips which could be implemented immediately. Joanna is also a fantastic person with a wonderful personality and an extremely engaging style. It was a pleasure to have you with us Joanna.

Rohan Shah, Managing Director at PRogress UK

Joanna was invited to speak at an IAM Continuing Professional Development event on the subject of “Why Personal Impact and Relationship Building Matter for Success”. 
Her presentation was very well judged in terms of content and pacing, and her knowledge of the subject was exceptional. Like all good professional speakers she made sure to credit other sources and actually used this to provide a list of further reading for attendees. 
Inevitably when one speaks on subjects of this type one is evaluated on presentation skills, both in terms of appearance and communication ability. I am happy to say that Joanna is extremely professional in all aspects of her delivery. She has a warm, natural style and communicates clearly and with conviction on her chosen subject.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in inviting Joanna to present for us again and look forward to working with her in the future.

Andrew Jardine, General Manager, IAM

I came to learn about what Joanna does through a professional CPD event in October last year. I decided to seek Joanna’s help following some setbacks with key relationships at work last year. I have had four political intelligence and personal impact sessions, coached and guided by Joanna, and I learned so much. Joanna provided practical examples and advice on how to tackle some key relationships with my work colleagues and key stakeholders. I have started implementing my agreed actions with Joanna and have experienced some positive results. I immensely enjoyed the sessions, and would thoroughly recommend Joanna if anyone would like to develop or improve on building key relationships or on personal brand and impact.

Anonymous, Head of Actuarial Reporting, Large Corporate

I invited Joanna to provide a time limited presentation to a group of professionals and service providers with a specific brief and with rather short notice. Despite all those conditions imposed, she was still able to deliver and very informative, interesting and engaging presentation which had the circa 80 attendees fascinated by what she was promulgating and excited by what they had learned in what a far too short a period of time for such an important topic. It was indeed difficult for me as Chair of that meeting to draw proceedings to a close as the attendees wanted more. 

The whole concept of personal impact, demeanour and stance etc was enlightening as well as being commercial outcomes focused.

Joanna herself is as one would expect, very well presented, her delivery is excellent and she herself is warm and considerate whilst also having a clear commercial bias to what she does.

I would have no hesitation in inviting Joanna to present for us again whatsoever. 

Shak Inayat, Principal Solicitor, Penn Chambers

I heard of Joanna through a close friend. I was not a believer in professional coaching and personal image, in terms of believing that I needed someone to help me with it. However, after several job applications and still not getting any interviews, I decided to give Joanna a try.

My first session with Joanna was mind blowing, she teased out a lot of information from me; I was amazed how much I had achieved in my career and the exceptional difference and value I had made along the way.

Joanna has a skill and a way that helped me be able to talk and conceptualise my achievements and experiences in an interesting, and relaxed manner.  In doing this my confidence increased, which helped me make the decision to leave the organisation I had been with for over 14 years.

Joanna helped in bringing out and shaping what I had done in my career, in a way that made an impact, without sounding over confident, and also at the same time capturing the attention of my audience. 

Sessions with Joanna improved my self-confidence and gave me the self-belief that I could get the job I wanted.

I have now secured an exciting opportunity since leaving the organisation I ahd worked at for over 14 years, it took me less than two months. A Head Hunter told me recently “You are a talent; I want to work with you because I am going to get you that C-Suite role, as I believe in you”.  I have not landed the C-Suite role yet, but with the work Joanna has done with me, I know I will.

Thank you Joanna, you have helped me in ways even you can’t imagine. Great work.

Programme Manager, Large Organisation - Transport

We were hoping for an off-site event at which our Business Services team leaders would pick up useful skills and insights to help them deal with the increasing pressures of a demanding ‘high touch’ professional services environment.  Joanna exceeded our expectations.  She won the confidence of the group from the outset and proved an open, insightful and action-oriented facilitator.  Our group came away energised by Joanna’s skills exercises and universally positive about Joanna’s impact on the group.  

Director of Business Services, Leading Global Law Firm

I met Joanna (and heard) Joanna speaking at a networking function in the city. She had just the right mix of humour, insight and knowledge to keep the audience engaged and interested throughout. Her understanding of social networking and leveraging it to influence and build professional relationships was extremely beneficial. 

Derek Mills, Business Development Manager, Lexis Nexis

Joanna came to our office to run a seminar entitled ‘The Skills and Confidence to Get More Out of Networking’. The seminar was excellent and very well received. Several members of the team mentioned what a great public speaker Joanna was and everyone from junior to senior team members learnt something new. Joanna managed to effectively mix up the session so that there were periods of her speaking, chats and role play which meant no one got bored. It was a most enjoyable and useful session and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who needs help networking (which is, let’s face it, all of us)!

Philippa Sturt, Partner, Joelson Law, London

Joanna has been supporting Metro Bank with group and 121 sessions around maximising personal image, appearance, body language and voice to improve customer experience and business performance. Joanna is very knowledgeable and professional and has switched on some ‘light bulb moments’ for me and my colleagues. A powerful reminder that business is about the connecting of people and that HOW we do that is the pathway to success.

Duncan Simmons, Area Director, Metro Bank

After 14 years in my current role, I felt I was stagnant and wanted to refresh/renew my career outside my current organisation. My confidence in finding a role externally was very low and I knew I needed help regarding how I re-entered the job market, fortunately for me a friend had invited me to a networking event where Joanna delivered a workshop. I then contacted Joanna to help with my CV, LinkedIn profile and strategy to approach the job market. The work that Joanna has done with me has increased my confidence and self-belief to get a great role, she has completely transformed my thinking in the level of roles I thought I should be going for and made sure my CV, LinkedIn and approach to recruiters/companies all reflect my experience and expertise in a positively memorable way. This has resulted in me interviewing for a role at a much more senior level than my current role. I also worked with Joanna on my impact at interview, including some specific presentations I had to prepare, resulting in being seen as a suitable candidate for the role. Working with Joanna has not only increased my personal confidence but my confidence in how I communicate myself in the job market, with the lifelong tools I have gained.

Anonymous, Head of Risk, Large Corporate

I contacted Joanna following a change of jobs. I quickly felt that I was out of the loop from an image perspective. Colleagues would be surprised by my level of responsibilities and I felt less and less confident. The turning point came when I realised that my image was not only complicating my current work, but also any future career in this company.

Joanna and I agreed to work on all areas of my personal impact – appearance, body language and communication, starting with creating a new wardrobe and working on gaining professional confidence. While I was convinced that a ‘simple’ overhaul of my wardrobe would be sufficient, the techniques she gave me to deal for example with difficult professional situations proved as, if not more, important for my image.

What I appreciated with Joanna was the focus on what I wanted and not only what she thought I should do. We worked for example on a classic but colourful wardrobe. This suited my industry, without taking out my personality and giving me more confidence in what to wear. She used a similar process for the techniques. The latter allowed me for example to dramatically improve my relations with senior management. As I was now taken more seriously, I have more and better relations, no longer needing to justify my presence, but instead concentrating on what needs to be done.

While working with Joanna might seem a substantial investment, I would not hesitate to do it again. It allowed me to really take possession of my role and be more confident in my abilities. 

AL, Transformation Manager, Large Corporate

I wish to confirm – Joanna has completed a small project for me in February 2017 and I found her service highly professional and incredibly efficient. Many thanks Joanna!

Irene Izuora, Supranational Hotels

Joanna presented to my group of 50+ business leaders Business Solutions Network (BSN). Her presentation was excellent. She offered very practical advice in a sufficiently fresh way that it held the audience and provided them with something of real value. She had a short period to get across some key points and she did so very succinctly. I would highly recommend her if you are holding an event that needs a speaker…

David Gordon

Joanna gave a presentation on networking at a recent event I organised for the Museum Freelance network I co-founded. There were 50 people attending, ranging from people thinking about freelancing and at the early stages in their careers, to very experienced consultants. Joanna’s presentation had something for everyone and really helped demystify networking. She is a confident, warm and knowledgeable speaker.
A couple of typical comments in a delegate survey were: “Changed my view on networking and provided some very practical advice on the mechanics of doing it effectively.” and “Joanna was an excellent speaker and this was a very interesting and inspiring talk.” I have already recommended her to some other networks and would love to hear her speak on her other topics.

Christina Lister

I would wholeheartedly recommend Joanna as a coach and speaker. She spoke at the 2016 IFoA Momentum conference, a conference for 200 nearly and newly qualified actuaries. There she delivered the opening plenary on networking, which was extremely well received delivering insightful tips and real-life advice. It was well pitched for an audience of mixed levels of social confidence and experience in networking. I feel confident in saying I certainly learnt a lot! Joanna’s talk set the tone for what turned out to be an excellent conference for networking.
At the same conference Joanna also gave a workshop on negotiation skills, where she shared insights from her wider experience and break down her approach to negotiation into a digestible form; quite a challenge for a 1 hour talk.
I have found Joanna to be extremely generous with her time and expertise. Coupled with her excellent judgement I feel confident in recommending her.

Russ Bowdrey, Strategic Asset Allocation, Aviva

Joanna hosted a very successful ‘Networking Confidence’ talk for the EUMA UK PA Network in London. Her engaging and authentic style had all of the attendees networking with ease by the end of the seminar. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna for a workshop on professional or personal impact.

Jennifer Corcoran
Inside Out Image carried out a programme of activities for our junior to mid-level Consultants, where they had sessions covering image and impact, body language and networking, delivered in both a team meeting and one to one coaching. This development was a departure from the typical technical or consulting skillstraining, but was received well, and genuinely made a noticeable difference to a number of attendees. We will look to extend to more senior colleagues in the coming months, as this truly was an effective, alternative development activity for our junior professionals.

Joanna transformed my style and wardrobe in 2014 following my transition from working from Shell to being a business owner. I was also transitioning from wearing mumsy clothes and I wanted an image that would reflect my new professional brand and also reflects my personality.
Joanna was well organised, she took her time to understand my brand and lifestyle and she recommended colours and styles that I loved.
Since our consultation, I have saved hundreds of hours in shopping and also money as I now know what to buy and even which shops to go into.
Joanna didn’t just help me with my wardrobe, she helped me to feel very confident in what I wear and as a result I now don’t even worry about what to wear.
Before Joanna, I probably wore only 40% of my wardrobe but not I am wearing 80-90%.
So if you are looking for an Image Expert who understands how to style professionals, Joanna is the expert!

Gloria R
Joanna presented on image for Balance at HSBC in Oct 15 to over 200 people in 10 sites across the UK. She is informative and engaging and we have received fantastic feedback from our members – I look forward to working further with Joanna in the future.
Sam Cooper-Gray, Head of Business Management, Commercial Banking Channel Islands and Isle of Man
Joanna hosted an image evening in a local fashion store on behalf of our firm and we invited selected guests. She is professional and is clearly an expert on image. She organised all the store liaison on our behalf, including a short fashion show where she selected relevant clothes for the models. On the evening, Joanna discussed colour with the audience and made it interactive and fun, while passing on her knowledge. The event was very well received by our clients and contacts, and it was a lovely and informal atmosphere.
Janice Clay, Marketing Manager, Smith & Williamson
In April 2016, Joanna was the after lunch speaker at The Room Upstairs business event. Her talk was excellent – well paced, absorbing, appropriately and professionally illustrated and relevant to her audience of mainly business women.
It was obvious to us all that Joanna is an expert in her field. ‘Credibility, likeability and trust as the foundation of good professional relationships’ is Joanna’s mantra. She more than lived up to what are clearly her personal guiding principles and I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna both as a speaker and as an image expert.
Sandi Goddard, Managing Director

Joanna presented a ‘Why Personal Image Matters’ event recently at our Brighton office, for around 15 people. It was one of our best-attended events of the year as part of our Women’s Interactive Network. She was on time, friendly and professional. Her knowledge around colour, style and how to present yourself has proven to be very useful. We got great feedback from the attendees and would definitely have her again.

Catherine Brown

Joanna hosted an evening with Hays Leading Women sharing with us how to be positively memorable in our roles at work and, outside of the business environment – the evening was entertaining and informative. Our HLW engaged in lively conversations and shared many experiences. Joanna was able to relate to all of us, with our many varied backgrounds and our different challenges. I would highly recommend Joanna. 

Clare Kemsley, UK&I Marketing, Retail and Sales Managing Director at Hays
I just wanted to thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and very educational afternoon with you last week. I had no doubt I would get plenty out of the exercise but I had no idea how useful it would be and how far reaching your knowledge and experience would take us. I am looking forward to implementing all of your extremely helpful advice and to telling you all about it. If anyone is in any doubt as to whether they need your services, I can safely say that they should not hesitate to book a session with you – image is everything and we can all improve on ours with your help.
Stephanie Kleyman, Director & Lead Solicitor, Kleyman & Co

Joanna presents extremely well and really knows her material – excellent presentation with valuable information and insights. Great reinforcement of the importance of ‘image’.

Cory C, Business Owner
Joanna provided a webinar for our group, including content of significant interest to this population. She was easy and professional to work with and adapted her content according to the specific interests and questions of those who participated. She has significant expertise on the area of personal image.
Ashley Habas
We loved having Joanna speak at our monthly talk. Joanna managed to explain, in a very clear and concise way, the key skills to getting the most out of networking. She offered practical tips for the various stages of networking: before, during and after attending a networking event. She also illustrated the concepts well by giving amusing real life experiences. The group were keen to try out these tips and Joanna stayed around to help us apply these to the after-event networking drinks.
Nicole T, Staple Inn Actuarial Society Committee

Joanna Gaudoin is a total pro who not only is an expert in her field but has such a great way of delivering information to her clients. Joanna was a guest speaker in my “Be the Ultimate Assistant” workshop and she offered feedback to the students about their outfits and appearance – on a voluntary basis, of course. It was very spontaneous and in the moment and quite fabulous. We had the chance to see Joanna “in action” and it was a delight. I highly recommend her

Bonnie Low-Kramen, Founder, Ultimate Assistant

We thought that the course with Joanna was extremely useful for our new graduates and something that we will definitely consider incorporating into our graduate training programme in future years.

Accountancy Practice, London
My aim in working with Joanna was to create a more professional and impactful image at work, and build my confidence for key client meetings and presentations. I found Joanna’s advice really helpful in identifying which shades and tones of colours would work best, the most flattering shapes and lengths and the type of clothes/accessories to help create the stylish professional image I was looking for. She managed to encourage me away from my favoured neutral beiges and pale pinks towards strong bright colours which definitely stand out in a sea of dark suits, and I’ve noticed engender positivity and confidence in me when I wear them. Joanna has also provided recommendations of specific stores for stylish workwear and found interesting pieces on-line to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, which has helpfully widened my horizons away from the standard high street choices.
Beth A, Associate Director, property sector
Joanna, fantastic talk last night, very insightful. Can’t wait to read my ‘Boost Your Personal Impact Guide’. Thanks loads. 
Jane D, Business Owner

I approached Joanna Gaudoin in June 2015 after recognising that professional networking advice was urgently required if my new Geneva coaching practice was to prosper. Joanna has consistently delivered expert counsel, unbiased feedback and strategies that have been pivotal to my conceptualisation of niche and personal branding. Joanna’s business pedigree, excellent communication skills and integrity quickly secured my trust and respect. But it is, I think, her unconditional commitment to a client’s success that makes her such an exceptional professional. A burgeoning belief that I can, and will, take my place in the business sector (having made the transition from academic research to executive coach), bears testimony to Joanna’s outstanding skills as a mentor. It is an absolute delight and privilege working with her.

Susan L, Business Owner,
Joanna advertised her workshops on presentation and body language by practising what she preaches at our assembly, and 75 of our Year 12 pupils signed up. The workshops on interview technique, networking and image & impact were well planned and targeted. Pupils were enthusiastic in their feedback and enjoyed the opportunity to look beyond university admissions to the professional world.
Simon K, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, King's College School, Wimbledon
Joanna presented an image event recently at our London office for around 20 clients. It was a very fun and interactive evening where Joanna spent time advising us all on our corporate image. We got great feedback from our clients and we would definitely arrange another event. Thanks Joanna !
Áine Connellan, Group Marketing Manager, Morgan McKinley
Joanna spent a day with our team of internal lawyers and accountants as part of a team development week. She helped us understand the importance of building good working relationships both within the group and the wider business and how to do this by communicating a positive first impression, building a credible image and developing networking skills.  The sessions were interactive, fast paced and fun.  Joanna’s style and manner set everyone at ease and her examples brought the sessions to life. Everyone took away key learnings which they can implement in their day jobs to improve both professional relationships and the perception of the team within the firm.
David H, Lawyer, Leading Management Consultancy

Joanna was personally referred to us and has now presented at two ladies events we have held. On each occasion she was warm, approachable, friendly and professional. Her knowledge and guidance on colour and style was invaluable in making the evenings a success and the feedback we received about Joanna was second to none.

Kate Smith, Senior Solicitor, Hart Brown

I attended the Networking ‘Nouse’ workshop run by Joanna recently. It was a great half day event done in a very professional manner and offering very valuable insight into how to maximize networking. I came out feeling that I have learnt many new things and I recently had a chance to apply the different key points I learnt, which was very successful. Thank you Joanna. I would highly recommend her workshops and am already am keen to sign up for some other ones myself.

Indre B, Business Owner, Wealth Management
Joanna certainly knows about networking! I can recommend without hesitation her ‘Networking Nouse’ workshop. I recently attended this workshop as I wanted to understand more about networking – why you need to do it and how to go about it. I feel like the workshop delivered exactly what was promised. It was attended by other like-minded people so it was great to hear their experiences as well. Joanna has great advice, a sensible approach and a lot of first-hand experience that she is very happy to share.
Andrea H, Finance Director

I attended the Networking ‘Nouse’ workshop run by Joanna recently. It was a great half day event done in a very professional manner and offering very valuable insight into how to maximise networking. I came out feeling that I have learnt many new things and I recently had a chance to apply the different key points I learnt, which was very successful. Thank you Joanna. I would highly recommend her workshops and am already am keen to sign up for some other ones myself.

Indre B, Director
I recently attended one of Joanna’s networking ‘nouse’ events and I came away feeling inspired and content. Joanna shared with us practical and thorough tips about how to network while also sharing some of her own experience. A rich and worthwhile event. Joanna is a great model, what she talks about, teaches, and shares, you can see in her. She is professional, very personable and a skillful communicator. Thank you, Joanna.
Karen L, Coach
I attended Joanna’s ‘Networking Nouse’ workshop and it was brilliant! I hadn’t realised how much there was to successful networking, however Joanna led us clearly and humorously through what’s involved and made it all seem much more doable and worthwhile. No longer will I do an about turn when I enter a room of ‘closed’ groups and at last I know how to extricate myself if I get caught by a networking bore!
Cara M, Executive Coach
Joanna is the ultimate professional! She presents her substance aptly and credibly, and is an expert image consultant. She is instantly likable and makes a great first and lasting impression. Her workshops and events stand out from others as memorable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!
Rina G, Company Managing Director

I had the opportunity of attending a presentation by Joanna and also had consultations with her. Joanna has impeccable taste and provides very sensible advice for the stylish working woman. I definitely would not hesitate to recommend her.

Qiyin C, Principal, QC Immigration

I had already worked with Joanna to find out what best flatters me in terms of colours, shapes, cuts, neckline and patterns. I decided I wanted Joanna to help me shop for my new Winter wardrobe to take into account my new lifestyle. It was the best 2.5 hours of my shopping experience; Joanna dressed me from head to toe. She had identified pieces that were likely to suit me in advance of us meeting up, so that gave us a really good start. I ended up with items that I really love but which I wouldn’t have found myself. She also explained what she was looking out for so I can shop more easily for myself. I will be using Joanna again for the next season’s shopping. Thank you.

Gloria, Change Consultant
Joanna combines being friendly and engaging with a professional understanding that inspires confidence.  Her suggestions and tips were practical and have proved easy to apply – for example new way of doing my eye make-up and simple tips to “rescue” some of my non-ideal clothes by adding a hint of colour.  She explained what she saw and why she made the recommendations she did in a way that means I am feeling more confident about spending more on clothes (my aim was to update and improve my professional wardrobe following a significant promotion) as I now have a toolkit of what to look for to avoid dud purchases.  Her advice made me realise why some items in my wardrobe always draw compliments and why some always make me feel out of sorts.
While I am inevitably disappointed to need to move away over time from some of my beloved brights, I am coping with being Warm, Muted & Deep (!) and needing to do some shopping…
Dorothy M, Law Firm Partner

Joanna was personally recommended to me by a trusted executive coach, to help me with my work on self-image.  I was in a protracted, competitive directorship selection process; I felt I needed help to present myself appropriately, to look professional and feel confident while remaining authentic.
I spent an enjoyable day with Joanna covering many aspects of style, colours and appearance.  It was so relevant, practical and helpful, and the skills learnt have been easy to implement into everyday life.
I already I feel I have made great improvements and I have received unsolicited compliments within my workplace.

Alison G, Finance Director

Joanna’s consultation was great – she has a natural manner and I valued her clear explanations. I learnt that it wasn’t particular colours that do or don’t suit me, but rather their tones and depths – this was a real eye-opener for me and I feel I can wear certain new colours with confidence now. The swatch I’ve taken away with me will be invaluable for clothes shopping, and I’ll definitely be more discerning in finding the right items for my wardrobe, and I know I’ll save money in the process. Aspects of the body shape consultation were really useful – I had a different body shape to what I had previously thought. It certainly explained why I felt that things didn’t “fit right” – it was actually that they weren’t right for my shape, and I’m consequently working with a very new approach. Highly recommended!

Colleen S, Corporate Investigations Consultant

Joanna’s advice was very practical and easy to follow – some simple guidelines on colour and shape which has made clothes shopping a lot easier but also more adventurous and enjoyable. I have had compliments on every single item I bought when I went shopping with Joanna – I definitely feel like I have stepped out of my “style rut”. Thanks Joanna.

Jessica S, Lawyer

I would quite sincerely say that your sessions helped me feel more confident about the way I dress. I more often enjoy catching an occasional glimpse of myself in a mirror in public places. The colour analysis really showed me how some colours make me look tired and unwell whereas the other ones highlight my best features – something I never thought about before. I also feel more organised in my wardrobe and think that these sessions are great money and time-savers in the long run, as my shopping has now become more focused and confident.

Alina V, Events Co-ordinator

Joanna analysed my colours, advised me on make up & showed me the best ways to apply it, & looked at clothes to suit my colouring, profession, style & body shape. I found the whole experience worthwhile & enjoyable. Joanna is professional but friendly & relaxed. I would highly recommend her.

Susan K, Accountant

I recently booked an image consulting session with Joanna and I’m still impressed by her customer orientation, her expertise and warm approach. Due to constraints at my end, we had a remote session with limited time, but Joanna made sure that every minute we spent together was about me and in response to my specific needs. At the beginning, she very well clarified the goals for our session and what I wanted to achieve from it and then personalized her service to make sure it was suitable within the given setting. We covered colors, make-up and styles and I did learn A LOT from her. I especially appreciated the fact that she did not try to “change me”, instead she accepted my individual preferences and focused on how I could optimize my choices to positively accentuate my image. At the end, she managed to distill her abundant advice into 3 key messages that are easy for me to remember. Dealing with someone’s looks and physical appearance can be a potentially sensitive issue but Joanna provided an excellent service in a graceful and professional manner. I can warmly recommend her.

Martina Mangelsdorf, Owner Gaia Insights

A day with Joanna gave me everything I needed to know about reinventing myself. Her clear and easy step by step approach to colours, styles and appearance was worth every penny. Thank you.

Azi A, Bank IT Manager

Joanna is both expert in her field and delightful to spend a day with – she works like a facilitator, helping her clients discover for themselves what works best for their image – resulting in a tailored template of colours, styles, fabrics and shapes that the client can experiment with over time – I really enjoyed my day with Joanna, she helped me sort out my wardrobe, organise it for greater ease of use, and remove all the stuff I never wear because it simply doesn’t suit me – highly recommended.

Catherine L, Executive Coach

Joanna delivered an expert and effective lunchtime office training session. I was particularly impressed by Joanna’s knowledge on a wide range of topics, as well being able to apply this when responding to questions about particular networking situations and individuals. I would recommend Joanna to anyone looking for advice on professional image and presentation.

Emma Dickinson, Solicitor, Simpson Millar

Joanna added a new and fresh angle to our annual event. Her engaging, relevant and useful talk found real empathy in our guests and encouraged conversation and networking.  We would highly recommend her services.

Janice Martin, Partner, Kerman & Co

I highly recommend Joanna for her expertise, attention to detail, professionalism and honesty.
Earlier this week, we spent 4 hours on colouring, style and my wardrobe. I am a busy mum of two young children and a busy professional working at Shell. I don’t have a lot of time, money or the perfect body. My problem, like most women, is that I can’t find what to wear, I don’t have time to shop and I am not happy with my body.
Although my friends and family would consider me stylish, I sought the expertise of Joanna, because I wanted to feel and look good wearing colours and styles that I know suit me. Results? I am confident about what to wear now, I went shopping this week and it took me 5 minutes to select an outfit (I bought a new dress, shoes and a cardigan) as I knew exactly what to look for. I also spent less time dressing for work as putting together an outfit was much easier, Joanna gave me new ideas of how to put existing wardrobe items together. Before the session with Joanna, I wore a range of colours with some suiting me far more than others but I didn’t know why. I also had no idea which style of clothing to pick – lengths and shapes. Now, I know exactly what to select to flatter me in terms of colour tones, shape, cuts, patterns and necklines amongst other things. I found the cost very good, and I am sure I will end up saving money in the long run as I won’t be wasting time figuring out what to wear or buy. Thank you Joanna.

Gloria R, Project Manager, Shell

I have seen Joanna give presentations on improving your image on a number of occasions. She always gives very useful advice in an engaging manner and targets her presentation well to the type of audience. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.

David E, Social Media Business Owner

Joanna recently spoke to my games programming students in the games lab at Kingston University. It is a notoriously difficult group to engage with because it is full of students staring at computer screens. We have five large projection screens but there is no lighting for the speaker, so much of the time Joanna was literally in the dark. Joanna rose to the challenge and gave a scintillating presentation that made the students sit up and listen for the full 45 minutes. And they asked questions too! I would highly recommend Joanna for the most difficult of engagements.

Hope Caton, Lecturer, Kingston University

Thank you so much for last night.  The Alumni really engaged with you and the turnout was above average.  I think you can always tell the success of an event by the atmosphere and it was excellent last night.

Ann W, Marketing & UK Recruitment, London Metropolitan University

I met Joanna at a networking event and was impressed by her approach. I felt that she would add “consultant” weight to our proposed office dress code assessment and be able to advise on how to bring this forward. We have now completed this and she dealt with the process with feeling and a clear understanding of the issues involved both from the individual’s perspective and our own and with sympathy to our budget. I have already recommended her to others and would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks, Joanna!

Nick Richardson, Partner, rhw solicitors

I received a colour and style package for my birthday, it was a great experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Besides now having more insight into what colours I should be wearing Joanna also went through what I should wear based on my body shape, which is very useful. All in all I highly recommend Joanna and I had a great time and I have to say – I see colours in a different light now…also I got a personalised colour swatch with which I can now shop! Thanks again 🙂

Marina G, Trainer

I wanted to thank you for the colour analysis session. I found the session very informative and at the same time very practical. Your manner of conducting the session was very natural and non-intrusive. I was impressed with the professionalism in your approach and thought that you were very well versed in the subject which led you to identify the right tones, hues and values of the colours. I had no idea that wearing the right colours would make such a difference to one’s personality and confidence.
Thank you once again. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Wishing you all the best.

Rakesh S, IT Programme Manager

Joanna has a very warm and easy manner which made the session relaxed and fun. I learnt a lot about my style which gave me a confidence boost and with tips for shopping I’m looking forward to putting them into practice!

Sarah P, Solicitor

I found the colour analysis session very useful in helping me identify colour combinations that look harmonious together and suit me.
It was interesting to discover that colour has several qualities (depth, undertone and clarity), which can be quite subtle but makes a big difference in highlighting facial features. Joanna uses a large number of colour samples, which allows you to see and compare many different options. The session was well structured and Joanna is very professional in her approach. She clearly has passion and knowledge about improving image.

Sasha S, Interpreter

Joanna helped me with styling my post baby body. With a new shape and size, my confidence in choosing clothes and believing I could look stylish was not high to say the least! Joanna took time to understand my tastes and hang ups, and advised in a friendly and chatty manner and provided the logic behind each piece of advice. Through a really fun session, Joanna’s consultation helped me in choosing the shape and type of clothing to suit my new body. I’ve also saved time on shopping trips previously wasted trying clothes that do not compliment my shape. With a new baby, any time saved is greatly appreciated! I’d recommend Joanna’s advice to anyone who has gone through a body change. An updated wardrobe really can lift your confidence.

Vanessa B, Marketing Manager & New Mum

Joanna did a great assessment of my colour and styles. I learnt a lot and now feel much more confident about buying clothes that really bring out the best in me. I’ve already put the results to good use. Joanna was really professional and took time to make sure the assessment was really thorough.

Emma H, Environmental Consultant

I wanted to thank Joanna for the image analysis she did. She was very informative but also put me at ease straight away. What I loved is after the session she provided me an information folder to take away. I found this very helpful as it has given me a reference guide as to what clothes will best suit me in regards to style and shape. I also purchased a colour swatch (contains the ideal colours for me) from Joanna, which has been fantastic, it is compact so very easy to keep in my handbag and aid me in purchasing clothing.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanna and thank her giving me the tools and knowledge to have more confidence when shopping.

Katherine L, Accounts Payable Officer

I realise that I didn’t make the best of myself with regards to my make-up but Joanna not only gave me the confidence on how to apply make-up but what colours I should choose to complement my colouring. The difference she made with my eye make-up was amazing. She made me feel relaxed and was very approachable during the session. I learnt that you don’t need a whole make-up bag full of different items that you very rarely use but just a select few that attach to a compact by magnets so you have everything you need in one compact and can carry around with you, whether on holiday or just day to day, a marvellous idea.

Julia B, Housewife

Joanna is an excellent listener and her gentle manner immediately put me at my ease. She is very knowledgeable about the principles she teaches, and explained them to me clearly. I feel that I’ve got a much better understanding of the colours and tones I should shop for, which I hope will help me to make fewer (expensive!) shopping mistakes. Her style advice was precise and logical. It clarified for me how to emphasise my best features and camouflage my problem areas. Joanna’s report is very detailed and serves as a clear reminder of her recommendations. I’ve definitely made wiser, more confident shopping decisions since my consultation.

Morven C, Teacher

Joanna provided me with colour matching and also style. Both sessions were invaluable, and I now feel more confident in the workplace. I have recently returned from maternity leave and Joanna’s advice was a great help.

Lisa Henderson, Investment Director & New Mum

Joanna has an extremely professional approach to her work and is extremely passionate about what she does. Both of these qualities led to fantastic results in the colour analysis session I had with her.

Rebecca Cullum, Project Manager & New Mum

Great colour recommendations. I was sceptical to begin with, but Joanna’s service gave me the framework to think about choosing colours that suit me and avoiding others that I might perhaps think are ‘nice’ but that don’t suit me.

Philip G, Company Owner

My wife bought the unusual Christmas present of a session with Joanna, which was a surprise to say the least, as I was hoping for new set of golf clubs and I think this showed on my face. However, to my surprise I have now ditched that old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Joanna conducted the session in a professional and friendly manner and managed to make the most of and enhance the limited attributes left of what was once an athletic body that is now ageing and has fallen into disrepair over the years.
Whilst, I haven’t got into seasonal wardrobes, I now purchase clothes outside my previously limited colour range and have procured a number of new suits, jackets and shirts that I would not have envisaged wearing without Joanna’s help and advice.
All I can say is, if like me you are now one of life’s grumpy old men, book a session with Joanna and go to it with an open mind. It will open your eyes to new ideas and styles that you would5 previously not give a second glance.
So give Jo a ring and smarten yourself up and your colleagues, wife/partner may be as surprised as mine when you actually use the advice given by Jo.

David E, Management Accountant

Thanks Joanna, Had a really fun day. Loving my new look and feel confident to go shopping again. It’s great to know what is good to wear and with what. Looking good now and feeling great. Well worth every penny.

Lisa Brian, Business Owner

Upon finally resigning to the fact that I was unlikely to return to my pre-motherhood size and shape, I hired Joanna for a consultation. I was particularly concerned that the impact at meetings with prospective clients was not hindered by an overpowering appearance. Joanna helped me recognise what clothing shapes, lengths and prints were best for my current figure with consideration also given to my features and personality.
During a shopping trip a few days after the consultation, I looked at differing items based on the advice I was given and bought a dress I would never have previously considered. It looked beautiful on and suited me perfectly. I would happily recommend Joanna.

Annette, Writer

Joanna Gaudoin has been a presenter at Women Who Connect on a couple of occasions.
She is an excellent presenter, always willing to go that extra mile when people ask her opinion and advice.  Joanna is punctual and integrates well with the group she is presenting to.  Her sessions are always well prepared.

Melanie B, IT Consultant

Joanna provided style guidance for myself and my mum and it was such a great experience.  Joanna made us both feel at ease with her warmth and friendliness.  The afternoon was equally fun and fascinating as we discovered things about ourselves that we had never before appreciated.  As such, the advice and skills that Joanna imparted have instantly provided me with a new and better way to view and wear my wardrobe.  And of course, provided me with an excuse to go shopping!  I know that the knowledge I now have about my shape and what suits me will ensure I don’t make too many fashion faux-pas’ in the future!  Thank you Joanna.

Liz B, Consumer Insights Manager

I have recently had my “Total Image Profile” done by Joanna. Being a retired lady and not very confident about my image I was not looking forward to the experience. I need not have worried at all. Joanna made me feel at ease from the beginning and the afternoon was enjoyable and relaxed. I learned to appreciate my own body shape and to be confident about the way to dress. This has made shopping so much easier knowing which style of clothes to avoid and being able to choose, with confidence, things that are more flattering.
I would certainly recommend having a consultation it is so beneficial and fun too!

Mary D, Retiree

A thoroughly enjoyable and productive day with Joanna gave me both the ideas and the confidence to dress for my shape, lifestyle and budget, and to purge my wardrobe of ’no-no’s’. An excellent investment of my time and money.

Celia P, Retired Trade Union Secretary

Thank you Joanna, I found your workshop most informative.  Although I knew some of the principles you covered instinctively, I’d either forgotten or did not always apply them. The workshop challenged me into being a little more disciplined with my wardrobe choices.

Brigitte C

Joanna Gaudoin gave an excellent presentation to our group of mature jobseekers at the Room for Work job club. Her relaxed and friendly delivery — and her extensive knowledge of the subject — made a big impact with everyone. Joanna received a top rating from the group. We’d love to have her back.

Robin Bell, Programme Director, Room for Work

Joanna gave an inspiring, engaging and relevant talk to our entire cohort of Year 10’s this morning.  She has the ability to target her material precisely for her given audience and was able to answer questions clearly and fully.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Inside Out Image.  The total experience was professional, detailed, clearly explained and perfectly comprehensive.  She also went the extra mile for my students who have an important forthcoming engagement which was greatly appreciated.

Jane R, Head of Careers, Sir William Perkins’s School

I just wanted to thank you once again for your expertise in helping me clarify my colour and style direction. I have had numerous colour consultations in the past and have had inconsistent results. I am very grateful that you were able to finally give me a definitive answer that I am happy with. Now, I feel I can shop with confidence!

Valda S

I had a very interesting colour, style and cosmetics session with Joanna, I was feeling very self-conscious but she made me feel at ease immediately. She was very understanding, explained everything clearly with obvious passion and knowledge.
Joanna left me a very detailed folder covering everything she had advised me on and that we had talked about. It includes very helpful diagrams for putting on make-up. I also have a useful personal colour swatch.
Nothing was too much trouble for Joanna and she has given me plenty of advice since the session.

Margaret C, Retired Childcarer

Joanna delivered two workshops for our Higher Education Students at Westminster Kingsway College. Their feedback was very positive; her presentation was engaging and interactive. Joanna shared her expertise while providing helpful tips and tools to impact their professional life. I would recommend her to any organisation as well as educational establishments.

Domina Fiore, Learner Consultant, Westminster Kingsway College

I found the workshop enlightening and stimulating – it introduced me to various aspects of image and style I wasn’t aware of.  The colour tone exercise using the swatches in front of the mirror was really surprising, how much impact colour has.  I only wish the workshop had gone on a lot longer!

A Woods, Writer/Director
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