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Are you finding that excellent professional knowledge and experience aren’t enough?

Do you need to work on your competitive edge, as an individual or as a business?

Do you want to achieve greater professional success?

I can help.

professional success

I’m Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image. I specialise in helping ambitious individuals and their organisations have competitive ‘edge’ and achieve their goals for greater professional success.

Let me help you understand, master and strategically use the essential business skills of Personal Impact and Relationship Management so you can watch performance improve.

Personal Impact: how we influence and engage with others through our appearance, body language and voice. An essential business skill when building and maintaining professional relationships.

Relationship Management Skills: allows you to create, maintain and manage successful, productive and positive professional relationships in different professional scenarios and situations – on and off line.

Whether your firm needs help mastering these skills to increase productivity or you’re an individual who wants to achieve career success, I can help.

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Are you a smart, ambitious professional? Are you ready to invest in professional advice and guidance to help you overcome career challenges and achieve that next milestone? Then get in touch.

Together, we develop realistic strategies and I fully support you as you move forward, confidently achieving your professional goals.


To maximise business performance, your people need to master their Personal Impact and Relationship Management. Excellent technical skills are not enough.

I work with leading corporates and highly ambitious SMEs. They know their people have to be able to create the right impact and develop stronger relationships with clients, colleagues and contacts. This increases productivity and profit as stronger relationships lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.


‘Office Politics’; How to Build Strategic Relationships; Personal Impact; Engaging with others. Do you have a group of professionals that would benefit from learning about these essential, but often neglected, business skills?

As a professional speaker, I speak at on and offline events ranging from Professional Bodies’ to large corporates’ conferences to smaller regional or elite networking events.

“Joanna helped us develop a programme for employees who had expressed a desire to develop their Personal Impact and Networking capabilities. Working collaboratively with us, Joanna developed and delivered an interactive, lively and ultimately very well received set of workshops. The feedback from the delegates was excellent and has prompted us to look at our next set of development needs. Thank you Joanna, you are such a pleasure to work with.”

Mark, Regional Director London, South and West, Allied Irish Bank

“After four individual sessions with Joanna, I felt as though I had the confidence to move on from a business I had been in for 16 years. I’m delighted to say, I was able to secure my next role just 2 and a half months after my last session.

I highly recommend Joanna to anyone looking to develop their career and improving their ‘personal brand’.”

Senior Manager, London

With nearly 10 years’ experience helping businesses and the people in them succeed, I’m proud to say my clients include:

  • HSBC

  • Metro Bank

  • AAT

  • Joelson Law

  • Senior Lawyers

  • Senior Actuaries

  • Senior Banking Executives

  • Senior HR Professionals

Watch this short video to find out more about how Inside Out Image can help you, as an individual, or your company.

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