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I’m Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image. I specialise in helping ambitious professionals and their organisations improve productivity and achieve their goals.

I do this by helping you master and strategically use the business skills of Personal Impact and Relationship Management.

Positive Personal Impact is at the heart of building and maintaining professional relationships – relationships that forge success.

Personal Impact is how we influence and engage with others through our appearance, body language and voice.

Relationship Management Skills allow us to build productive and positive professional relationships; and then maintain and manage those relationships.

I help you understand these business skills, the tools you need to master, then how to use them so that you get the results you want for professional success.

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You know the result you want in your career but you need a calm, methodical approach for how to get that result – and some expert support and advice along the way.

I work with smart, ambitious professionals who are ready to invest in themselves to help them overcome career challenges and achieve that next milestone.

I help them develop realistic strategies, train and mentor them as they hone their personal impact and relationship management skills, and support them as they move forward to confidently achieve their professional goals.



To maximise business performance, your people need to master their Personal Impact and Relationship Management.

I work with leading corporates and ambitious SMEs. They are willing to invest in helping their people make an impact which leads to stronger, more profitable relationships with clients, colleagues and contacts.

Transformation Programme
Workshops & lunch & Learns


Personal Impact, Office Politics, Engaging with Others, Professional Strategic Relationship Building…do you have a group that would benefit from learning about one of these topics?

I speak at events ranging from large corporate conferences to smaller, elite networking events.


“Joanna has an extremely professional approach to her work and is passionate about what she does. Both of these qualities led to fantastic results.”

“Joanna spent a day with our team of internal lawyers and accountants as part of a team development week.

She helped us understand the importance of building good working relationships and how to do this by communicating a positive first impression, building a credible image and developing networking skills. 

Her sessions were interactive, fast paced and fun. 

Everyone took away key learnings to implement so they can improve professional relationships and the perception of the team within the firm.”

With nearly 10 years’ experience helping businesses and the people in them succeed, I’m proud to say my clients include:

  • HSBC

  • Metro Bank

  • AAT

  • Joelson Law

  • Senior Lawyers

  • Senior Actuaries

  • Senior Banking Executives

  • Senior HR Professionals

Watch this short video to find out more about how Inside Out Image can help you, as an individual, or your company.

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