Whether you are moving on internally or seeking a new role externally, there will always be an interview.

After all the hard upfront work, you need to make sure you’re aware of how you come across at interview to make sure you have a positive impact at interview and consider whether your current style needs some work. It isn’t about making you someone you are not, but ‘polishing’, where appropriate.

Online or in person, here’s how to create a positive impact at interview

  • Answer questions effectively and engagingly – practice this, speaking aloud.
  • Articulate your experience and expertise in a clear and meaningful way – structuring your answers well is key. You can read more about that here. If you’ve had a comprehensive approach to creating your CV and LinkedIn profile, then this should help you have clarity.
  • Check how you come across through your appearance, body language and voice – video yourself to really understand this.
  • Determine what the initial impact you have on someone is and what you want it to be.
  • Focus on rapport; build rapport throughout the interview and consider what the interviewer(s) will remember about you.
  • Be prepared for different types of interview – phone, one-to-one, a panel, a presentation – virtual or in person – by considering how each type makes you feel and how you maximise your impact and engagement in each scenario.

This is a very focused blog post for creating a positive impact at interview. If you’d like to know more about personal impact, then I have lots of free resources you can access (see below).

If you have an interview coming up or are actively seeking a new role, you may benefit from a free 30 minute Career Booster conversation with me. Do get in touch.

“I came to Joanna feeling like I was in a bit of a career rut having been in the same role for 4 years and looking to get to the next level but not sure where to start.

With Joanna’s help, I secured a fantastic new role and feel I can confidently succeed putting all of her great advice into practice, thank you so much!”

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