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Is your career progressing as you want?

Have your people got the skills they need to engage effectively with others,
ultimately to maximise the performance of your organisation?


Inside Out Image helps individuals progress their careers and organisations to  improve their performance

It’s very typical that as people progress through their careers, both the individual and the organisation focus on getting the job done, and the skills needed for this.

However, as people progress, the job itself changes and so do the required skills. These skills are about positively impacting others and engaging with them in every professional scenario – presentations, networking and client meetings to name but a few; to be able to manage people, interact effectively with peers and senior leaders and importantly retain and win clients.

I established Inside Out Image in 2011 out of a desire to support people’s development, so they could achieve what they wanted to at work, for the benefit of their career and their organisation – focusing on the financial and professional services sectors. Having previously worked closely for and with corporates as a marketer and consultant, I have seen for myself the bearing that personal impact, engagement and relationship-building have on professional success.

Inside Out Image helps individuals in corporates develop these skills through its unique and specialist Step Up Programme™, so that organisations get the most from their people and people get the most from their careers. Whilst I deliver many aspects of the programme, specialist subject matter experts are brought in, as required. Find out more. We also run one-off workshops on specific topics and lunch and learns. Find out more.

I support individual progression through Inside Out Image’s Career Progression Programme™ which consists of one-to-one sessions entirely tailored to the individual and their career challenges.

Additionally, I am a speaker at conferences and events.

If you’d like to understand more about what we offer and whether we can help you, we’d be delighted to hear from you, contact us now through the website form.

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Inside Out Image works with individuals privately and through organisations to help them progress their careers.

We help people bridge the gaps they need to, to achieve what they want to, so they perform better for their organisations, whilst fulfilling their career potential.



Inside Out Image works with leading corporates and ambitious SMEs to deliver transformation programmes, workshops and lunch & learns that revolutionise the way your people see and do their work.

We have many years’ experience of helping people make the right sort of impact to create stronger, more profitable relationships with clients, both new and existing, as well as colleagues in every professional scenario.

Transformation Programme
Workshops & lunch & Learns


Inside Out Image’s Managing Director Joanna Gaudoin speaks at events, from large conferences to smaller networking events.

Topics offered relate to personal impact, engaging with others and professional relationship building, for improved career progression and organisational performance.

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