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Defining your Personal Brand - how to get started

It can feel a bit overwhelming to think about what your personal brand is and how to start thinking about it. Read more about what it is and why it matters.

In this short article, I want to share how I approach defining someone’s personal brand with them.

It is important to spend time thinking about your personal brand and defining it, so you can have it clearly in mind and make it more intentional, as of course your personal brand should impact all of your behaviours and interactions with others.

When I work with my clients on their personal brand, we go through a process of defining it and to keep it straightforward, the end result is an easy to remember set of words. It sounds simple and it is meant to be, so that people can keep it in mind and continually assess whether their actions and decisions at work reinforce those words or not. If it is over complicated, it won’t get put into practice.

Defining your personal brand - inputs

There are a range of ways to get to the point of defining these words which involve both your thought processes and external input, some potential inputs I suggest include:

  • words you already have in mind about yourself

  • some exercises I get you to think through related to values and experiences

  • looking at results from psychometric tests

  • getting input from others who you trust – I provide some structured question to ask to make sure you get valuable input.

In my work with clients, we use all the inputs we have gathered to define their personal brand, which of course must be genuine for each person.

Looking at how to apply your personal brand

Subsequently, we look at how that person is currently coming across and engaging with others at work through their appearance, body language and voice, versus what we have defined for their brand (to make sure all three ‘tools’ are working to support the personal brand) and work on these as necessary.

I find once people understand the concept of personal brand, feel happy with their set of words and have considered how they come across through the 3 'tools', plus learnt some new communication skills, it is a lot easier to be consistent and memorable in the workplace, whilst feeling themselves, ultimately to improve career success.

What about you

Do you have a personal brand? How would you define it? If not, what inputs can you collate to help you in defining your personal brand?

If you would like to understand more about how I can help you develop your personal brand to support your career progression, contact me for no obligation 30 minute Career Booster session.