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Case Study - Individual: Developing leadership skills to turn around a toxic environment


The Challenge

Annike had been promoted to Head of Department (as a Director at an Investment Company) from amongst her peers after an unsettled period in the team. She needed support to manage the challenging relationships and politics in the team, as well as develop and establish her leadership style.

The Solution

Joanna worked with Annike to assess each direct report relationship in turn to understand the relationship dynamic and help Annike consider how to modify her behaviour and move the relationship forward. She also helped her to look at her current leadership style and how she could develop that.

The Result

The work with Joanna helped Annike understand the environment she was in, the different characters in her team, and to unpick where the issues were which involved getting Annike to see things from a different perspective.

I can honestly say that 7 sessions later, I am a different person.  I feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities, and often stop to think about how something may be perceived or viewed by my team.  Joanna really takes the time to understand you and gets into the nuts and bolts of the issues.