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Essential business development skills for lawyers

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Joanna Gaudoin wrote this guest article for Conscious, who have over 20 years of experience in helping law firms become more successful online.

In the legal market, where every firm has roughly the same level of skill, ability and qualification (sorry, but in most cases, they do when comparing practice areas between firms), it’s the soft skills that enable firms to retain clients and attract new business – business development.

Clients and prospective clients want to feel they are going to be properly looked after. They expect good customer service, trustworthiness and a genuine interest in their business or other circumstances.

I regularly work with lawyers on these soft skills. They matter because business development is essential to the success of your firm – and understanding the skills needed for good business development is critical to getting it right.

I’ve seen that, while some people naturally have these essential skills, they can also be developed. This gives firms a broad base of business development skills that can help them to manage a successful strategy for growth.

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