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Case Study - Individual: Making Partner


The Challenge

"I was given my first opportunity to go for Partner – and I wanted to make sure I got it. I engaged Joanna to help me prepare for the presentation and interview with the Board that I would have to get through to make Partner. This was my chance and I was prepared to invest time, money and effort into making sure I got it."

The Solution

"Over several sessions, Joanna worked with me on my Personal Impact and presentation skills. We went into the detail. Everything was assessed and planned so that I would achieve the impact I needed.

For example, we looked at my 'entrance' and broke it down. How should I enter the room? When I entered where should I go? Where should I look? What should the expression on my face be? Whose hand should I shake first? How? What words do I say? In what tone of voice? Pitch? Volume? How do I sit down?

Everything was analysed to make sure those vital first few seconds set the right tone and created the right impact.

We did analysis and planning for all the elements of the entire presentation and panel interview.

Joanna patiently guided me through it all, helping me rehearse and understand how to adjust and adapt my personal impact according to the situation."

The Result

"I made Partner. First time. In our FTSE 100 firm, very few people have done it first time. But I did. Thank you, Joanna."