You need to get specific

I have many clients come to me as they are stuck; they feel their career progression has halted. Typically, they are people that have achieved a lot in their career to date and are in a good role but they are now struggling to grapple with why they aren't still moving forwards. As you can imagine, this situation is often, although [...]

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How to grow effective leaders without wearing them out

Today, the business world is an uncertain place to be and employers urgently need to nurture the next generation of managers to effectively lead enterprises forward.  Strong leadership can help an organisation to weather the toughest of times and inspire and engage a workforce. Often, the most effective leadership comes from employees who have been “grown” within the business. These are [...]

How is the ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ holding you back at work?

How susceptible are you to taking in what others tell you at work about situations or others you work with, whether they be clients, prospective clients, colleagues or other contacts? You see it is very human to take on the view of others and indeed this can sometimes be very helpful information to have. However, all information that could be subjective [...]

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Personal impact whatever the situation (and weather!)

When I first started my business in 2011, it was almost entirely focused on working with individuals and groups on personal impact. What I do today is a lot broader than that; however personal impact is foundational to most of the work I do. You may question why that is, the answer is that fundamentally professional relationships start (or potentially don’t [...]

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Small changes make a big difference

I am currently working with a client who is only working with me, due to feedback from his boss; in fact it has been made clear he needs to work on his presence to progress in his company. This is always a more challenging proposition for me, as the person has not come to their own conclusion that they have elements [...]

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Could a flexible working programme help your team to flourish?

Most employees now have the right to ask an employer for flexible working. However, making it possible for staff to have a more flexible working life isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. There are also many benefits for the business in engaging with a flexible working programme that go above and beyond ticking boxes. The benefits of flexible working for employers [...]

Promotion & organisational performance is about more than getting the job done

If you have promoted people in your team, what has influenced your decision? Can you honestly say it was 100% down to their technical ability and knowledge? (Not that it should be). The reality is that these sorts of skills will only get you so far. Despite the focus being on knowledge and grades throughout school and university, to reach more [...]

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What to do if your team is fatigued

A fatigued, distracted and demotivated team can have an impact on much more than just work culture and internal dynamics. Poor mental wellbeing within a work environment also affects the bottom line with a cost of £34.9 billion to the UK economy from the consequences of fatigue or boredom, such as absenteeism. In many company cultures this issue is getting worse [...]

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