Most career challenges don’t come from your ability to do the work.
They come from the impact you have on others and the relationships you have with clients, prospective clients, colleagues and prospective employers.


As you become more senior, this is the challenge you need to face to ensure that your career continues to progress.

How you interact with people at work and the personal impact you have in every professional scenario have a huge effect on your career progression. Impact and interactions directly affect the clients you win and retain, how effectively your team works together and the impact you have on the people making decisions about your next career move, whether in your current organisation or another.

Joanna Gaudoin has extensive experience of helping experienced professionals progress in their career through the Career Progression Programme. She equips professionals with the insight, skills and confidence they need to navigate a variety of professional situations – people considering career changes, but also those wanting to work on a development area, or their overall confidence, to achieve more at work.

The Image Transformation Programme™ helps those who need to work on the impact they have through their appearance. This is so they understand what works for them as an individual and how to adapt their appearance for different scenarios – without trying to be someone they are not.

Even if you don’t know exactly what is holding you back, Joanna will help you work it out. Before you can progress, you need clarity and awareness of where you are now and what could be standing in the way of getting to where you want to be. Working with Joanna, you will develop the insight and self-knowledge you need, to tackle your work challenges.

Client Feedback

“I decided to seek Joanna’s help following some setbacks with key relationships at work last year. I have had four political intelligence and personal impact sessions, coached and guided by Joanna, and I learned so much. Joanna provided practical examples and advice on how to tackle some key relationships with my work colleagues and key stakeholders. I have started implementing my agreed actions with Joanna and have experienced some positive results. I immensely enjoyed the sessions, and would thoroughly recommend Joanna if anyone would like to develop or improve on building key relationships or on personal brand and impact.”

Anonymous, Head of Actuarial Reporting, Large Corporate

Typical areas Joanna can work with you on:

Improving your personal impact through the 3 ‘tools’ of appearance, body language and voice in every professional scenario.

Building the exposure and strategic relationships you need to progress – simply doing a good job is not enough anymore. You must build relationships!

Understanding how you interact and could be perceived from an ‘office politics’ perspective – negative ‘office politics’ have many adverse effects on your career and the working environment.

Presenting engagingly and with confidence to communicate your message and influence.

Networking effectively to get results – when you have a strategy and the skills, you will build a valuable network that will support your current role and career.

Getting the most from your team and managing your boss – these relationships are key to delivering work effectively and supporting your career progression.

Equipping you to look for a new role, as an experienced professional you need an engaging CV and LinkedIn profile, a job search strategy and to have impact at interview.

Joanna also works with individuals through organisations, if you have someone in your team or wider organisation who needs to work on a specific area of their personal impact and/or relationship building skills, get in touch.

If you want to know more about the group training Inside Out offers, including workshops, webinars and Lunch & Learns, click here.

If you are interested in a programme to transform your people’s personal impact and relationship building in all scenarios, to:

  • Increase revenue generation.
  • Improve your business development capabilities.
  • Become a more effective and productive organisation.

Click here to find out more about The Step Up Programme™.

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