Appearance plays a key role in our personal impact. These posts offer guidance on what to consider.

7 top tips for sale shopping

1. Look at your wardrobe before you go and think about the gaps to shop for. 2. Consider going to shops in a higher price bracket than the ones you usually frequent, you'll get better quality for what you might have spent in your usual shop. 3. Mentally check it will go with other things in your wardrobe, not just the [...]

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Getting the most out of a personal shopper

What does this term 'personal shopper' mean to you? For some it might imply a service that is seen as only available to celebrities and wealthy people.  However, you may have noticed more and more shops are offering 'Personal shopping' or a free session with a 'Personal stylist'. There's often the lure of free Prosecco and there being no charge for [...]

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How important is fashion?

How wealthy I could be If I had £1 for every time someone has made a comment when talking to me along the lines of “you must know lots about fashion”, I’d be extremely wealthy. It’s the natural assumption I suppose and to an extent not factually incorrect as yes I do tend to know what is on-trend. However, would I [...]

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 Top 10 tips for sale shopping

I remember when I was growing up, venturing up to Oxford Street most years on 27th December and waiting for the stores to open, it was part of Christmas week traditions for our family. A chance for us to get out of the house after a few days all being sat round together, to look for bargains. The initial 2 hours of sale [...]

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How to wear colour to work

Image consultants such as me are always expected to advise people not to wear black. It is true that black is not ideal for most Caucasian skin, hair and eye colourings. However, it’s more than that, it’s about getting people to wear more interesting colour tones i.e. not just the neutrals – black, grey, navy, white etc. This can seem challenging [...]

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Dressing for work in Summer

With the warmer sunny days but also with the unpredictability of British weather, dressing for work in Summer can be a challenge.  A challenge for us as individuals with different temperatures to think about and more after work events but also for business owners and team leaders as standards tend to slide in summer. However, maintaining our personal image is still [...]

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Wearing colour to work

This month Anna Lundberg, a digital marketing consultant writes about her observations of London work dress, specifically wearing colour to work. She asked me for my perspective. (Wo)Men in black: Bringing colour to a world of John Majors I work in a fairly relaxed professional environment: marketing, and digital marketing in particular, are known for being quite creative and down to [...]

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How to build an exciting wardrobe

The sales are becoming a distant memory with just the odd jumbled rack remaining in a corner of most shops. Sales seem to have the 'Marmite' effect, some of us enjoy them, and at an extreme queue from 5am, others can't stand the mess and hassle. If there are items you really need though whether clothing or household goods, they can [...]

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Radio interview: Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success - making the right impression Interview with Astute Radio We all want to look and feel good at work. But the latest fashion fad is not necessarily the best indicator of appropriate work wear. I started the conversation with Astute Radio's Sepi Roshan about why making the right impression counts. I answer the question of whether women are held to different [...]

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Wardrobe refresh

Despite us still having some sunny, warm days, there is now a distinct Autumn chill when out of the sun. Even those of us that are yet to take a holiday have that ‘back to school feeling’ - a definite hangover from childhood in the case of those without children and a reality for those with children! As I found out [...]

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