These posts offer guidance on different topics related to improving your career progression.

Promotion – are you missing key skills to get it?

Do you often feel frustrated that you are being overlooked for promotion? Are there people in your team who are frustrated that they haven't yet been promoted? What would it take to get the promotion you want? It's often not easy to understand why, as seemingly you/they are doing a great job and achieving objectives. However, the reality is that [...]

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Do you suffer from ‘Pedestal Complex’?

You may not have heard the term ‘pedestal complex’ before. That is probably because it is one I have developed to describe what I have heard several of my clients talk about lately. It is about people feeling anxious or held back, usually when they are promoted and/or join a new leadership group, due to the presence of people they have [...]

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How could talent development management transform your business?

The quality and performance of employees can make or break any business. And yet very few organisations today dedicate the necessary time and resources to attracting and nurturing employee talent. Those that do, see spikes in productivity and performance, as well as positive outcomes in engagement and a better business culture – all it takes is a single commitment to recruit, [...]

The 7 stages of writing a personal leadership development plan

Great leaders are made, not born, and there is no single formula for what progress towards leadership really looks like. While this means that anyone can become a great leader, it also requires some planning. Whether you’re starting on the bottom rung of the ladder or you’re already in a leadership position, a personal leadership development plan is an essential way [...]

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Why you should speak up in meetings and what might be holding you back

Do you find it easy to speak up in meetings and share your viewpoint? Are you happy that your team all feel confident to do so, when appropriate? Having the confidence to speak up in meetings is essential, particularly with increased seniority and if you want to progress your career. However, frequently even fairly senior people say they struggle or that they [...]

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You need to get specific

I have many clients come to me as they are stuck; they feel their career progression has halted. Typically, they are people that have achieved a lot in their career to date and are in a good role but they are now struggling to grapple with why they aren't still moving forwards. As you can imagine, this situation is often, although [...]

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How to grow effective leaders without wearing them out

Today, the business world is an uncertain place to be and employers urgently need to nurture the next generation of managers to effectively lead enterprises forward.  Strong leadership can help an organisation to weather the toughest of times and inspire and engage a workforce. Often, the most effective leadership comes from employees who have been “grown” within the business. These are [...]

Could a flexible working programme help your team to flourish?

Most employees now have the right to ask an employer for flexible working. However, making it possible for staff to have a more flexible working life isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. There are also many benefits for the business in engaging with a flexible working programme that go above and beyond ticking boxes. The benefits of flexible working for employers [...]

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