These posts offer guidance on effective leadership skills.

How could talent development management transform your business?

The quality and performance of employees can make or break any business. And yet very few organisations today dedicate the necessary time and resources to attracting and nurturing employee talent. Those that do, see spikes in productivity and performance, as well as positive outcomes in engagement and a better business culture – all it takes is a single commitment to recruit, [...]

The 7 stages of writing a personal leadership development plan

Great leaders are made, not born, and there is no single formula for what progress towards leadership really looks like. While this means that anyone can become a great leader, it also requires some planning. Whether you’re starting on the bottom rung of the ladder or you’re already in a leadership position, a personal leadership development plan is an essential way [...]

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Make your team an asset, not a burden

Frequently, I hear from my clients how busy they are, how they have so many demands on their time at work (and often at home too), how much pressure they are under and that they also have to run a team too. It’s very interesting how often this is tagged on the end, the team as an extra responsibility and a [...]

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6 key management skills that new managers need for effective leadership

A great manager understands how to get the best from employees in any situation and provides a communication channel between the workforce and senior management. Effective leadership requires the same key skills whether you’re working in shipping or retail – and, as most leaders are made not born, it’s possible for anyone to acquire the skills required to lead well. Key [...]

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How to grow effective leaders without wearing them out

Today, the business world is an uncertain place to be and employers urgently need to nurture the next generation of managers to effectively lead enterprises forward.  Strong leadership can help an organisation to weather the toughest of times and inspire and engage a workforce. Often, the most effective leadership comes from employees who have been “grown” within the business. These are [...]

Could a flexible working programme help your team to flourish?

Most employees now have the right to ask an employer for flexible working. However, making it possible for staff to have a more flexible working life isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. There are also many benefits for the business in engaging with a flexible working programme that go above and beyond ticking boxes. The benefits of flexible working for employers [...]

What to do if your team is fatigued

A fatigued, distracted and demotivated team can have an impact on much more than just work culture and internal dynamics. Poor mental wellbeing within a work environment also affects the bottom line with a cost of £34.9 billion to the UK economy from the consequences of fatigue or boredom, such as absenteeism. In many company cultures this issue is getting worse [...]

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It’s not all about you

Considering how you come across to others and assessing the relationships you are building – whether that be in relation to senior stakeholders, clients or companies you partner with on projects or refer to/from are all very worthwhile and important considerations. In fact pivotal, particularly as you become more senior. However, an often forgotten element to how you communicate yourself [...]

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Authentic leadership – more required than ever?

Authentic leadership is a term that has been bandied about for a while. However, with the recent turbulence across the British political spectrum, I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about it, particularly in the political arena. What does the term mean to you? If you think about the leaders of the organisation you work in, [...]

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A different view on increasing professional impact

Professional impact – a frequent topic of my articles. Today, I came across an article by an associate of mine who was looking at increasing professional impact as a leader from a different, somewhat broader angle. I thought it worthy of sharing with some added commentary of my own. Typically, you will hear me refer to professional impact and the importance [...]

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