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Your network is a key part of career success – why and five top tips

Do you make time to actively build and engage with your network? Do you even have one? Often, people hear the ‘N’ word and groan, even if just inwardly. The hard reality is that spending time on building and maintaining a good network can bring huge benefits to your professional life, I have helped many people over the last seven [...]

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3 things that make all the difference to networking success

Again recently, I have had conversations with lots of successful professional people who have said they dislike networking, know they don’t get enough from it and know they need to work on their skills. These are the people who acknowledge how essential it is to both their personal career success and that of their organisation.  Candidly this is because as people [...]

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Avoid 'dumping' someone at networking

We've all been there, 'stuck' with someone at networking, maybe it's just time to move on, perhaps talking to them is like getting blood out of a stone or perhaps you just can't stop them talking at you or, you just need a drink or bathroom visit. The temptation is to make an excuse, a need for the bathroom, a drink [...]

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How to stand out positively at networking

Picture a networking event, there is usually a sea of dark clothing… When we go to an event, there is a lot to think about such as goals and how to integrate into the room but the most important thing is that you are positively memorable to those you meet. It is no good having a great conversation at an event, [...]

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Small talk – top 3 tips for getting it going positively!

Small talk, a phrase dreaded by many as it usually conjures up pictures of an awkward situation where you have to make conversation with someone you don't know at all or don't know well. In reality, it might not just be awkward situations when it is necessary but situations that become awkward if you find 'small talk' challenging. Situations when it [...]

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That pile of business cards

Most of us have a pile of business cards that we've collected from networking and other meetings, whether the pile is in the desk drawer, in a folder or scattered across various locations. A clear out of my office at the weekend brought my own advice to the fore. I found a pile of business cards in a tray, in addition [...]

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Will they really want to speak to me?

How do you feel about networking? If you are in the significant majority that don't love it then what is it you dislike about it? Most people, if they are really honest, dislike it because you usually need to find people to talk to and make conversation. Of course, the underlying fear of these elements is likely to be that we'll [...]

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Are you doing any of these?

When you come away from networking who do you follow-up with? I am hoping it’s someone…! A potential client, a potential collaborator, someone you just liked? How important is it to you that you ‘like’ someone in order to follow-up? If I’m realistic, if it’s a good potential client, you probably care far less about whether or how much you ‘like’ [...]

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It's worth starting young!

This could be true for lots of things in life but in this circumstance I am talking about networking. If you think about it, we are building our personal network our whole lives - those we meet at school, university, parties. However, how much thought do you give to building your professional network? I encounter and work with professionals at varying [...]

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