These posts offer guidance on handling ‘office politics’ positively.

‘Office politics’ – what is it?

What is office politics? This question can have a range of answers which all often come with a sigh and a resigned look. The fact is politics happens in most organisations, that’s because there are people working in organisations who have different motivations, perceptions, values and resulting behaviours. The problem comes when ‘office politics’ is so negative that it stands [...]

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How is the ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ holding you back at work?

How susceptible are you to taking in what others tell you at work about situations or others you work with, whether they be clients, prospective clients, colleagues or other contacts? You see it is very human to take on the view of others and indeed this can sometimes be very helpful information to have. However, all information that could be subjective [...]

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Could a flexible working programme help your team to flourish?

Most employees now have the right to ask an employer for flexible working. However, making it possible for staff to have a more flexible working life isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. There are also many benefits for the business in engaging with a flexible working programme that go above and beyond ticking boxes. The benefits of flexible working for employers [...]

‘Office politics’: Are there any foxes in your workplace?

What do you think of when you think of a fox? The words sly, cunning, resourceful might come to mind, amongst others. The reality is most workplaces will have some people that behave in this way and who frequently contribute to the 'office politics' that occurs. There might be others who are more like sheep, mules or owls, I’ll leave [...]

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How political is your organisation?

If you have read any of my blogs on political intelligence, you will know that office politics is unavoidable, as Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a political animal”. Essentially politics is all about understanding the unwritten rules that exist in an organisation which affect how decisions are made – from which projects get allocated which budgets to who gets the next Finance [...]

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Harvard Business Review: Playing Office Politics Without Selling Your Soul

Thanks to my colleague for pointing out this great article on the Harvard Business Review website.  It effectively sets out why politics happens and how it can be made positive, reinforcing what you've heard me say. Click here to read the article. If you are interested in understanding how you/your team currently interact in your organisation, how political your organisation is [...]

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Do you feel out of it?

How are you feeling about your career? Do you feel you are progressing as you want to? Importantly, do you enjoy the environment you work in? There can be lots of things that prevent the answers to those questions being positive but one core reason is rife in workplaces - office politics. The simple fact is where you have people with [...]

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Navigating office politics

A guest blog written by my lovely friend and colleague from Voice at the Table Karin Mueller who runs Liebfrog Coaching. Whenever I speak to people about office politics, I hear the same story: politics is distracting us from getting real work done, it leads to the wrong people getting promoted, it leads to toxic work environments and impacts on the [...]

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Where is yours?

Power - as soon as you hear that word what do you think of? Perhaps status and position? Potentially someone at work you are not keen on who has power? Maybe even government? There are many different thoughts and reactions to the word. Typically power at work is usually most related to a job role/position. However, have you noticed how sometimes [...]

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