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Top considerations to make people management smoother in the long-term

In its broadest sense, the term 'people management' could be said to apply to anyone you have to interact with professionally. However, for this article, we are going to focus on thinking about junior colleagues that we manage. People management is frequently underestimated in terms of its complexity and the time investment required. It is only once an individual assumes [...]

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Personal development – why it is far from just personal

Personal development is one of a multitude of phrases used to describe people working on an aspect of themselves; it could be an attitude, a behaviour or a skill. Fundamentally, it implies that personal growth and progress will be the result. However, the danger with this term comes when it is considered that only the individual themselves benefits. Even in [...]

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How could talent development management transform your business?

The quality and performance of employees can make or break any business. And yet very few organisations today dedicate the necessary time and resources to attracting and nurturing employee talent. Those that do, see spikes in productivity and performance, as well as positive outcomes in engagement and a better business culture – all it takes is a single commitment to recruit, [...]

The 7 stages of writing a personal leadership development plan

Great leaders are made, not born, and there is no single formula for what progress towards leadership really looks like. While this means that anyone can become a great leader, it also requires some planning. Whether you’re starting on the bottom rung of the ladder or you’re already in a leadership position, a personal leadership development plan is an essential way [...]

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How to grow effective leaders without wearing them out

Today, the business world is an uncertain place to be and employers urgently need to nurture the next generation of managers to effectively lead enterprises forward.  Strong leadership can help an organisation to weather the toughest of times and inspire and engage a workforce. Often, the most effective leadership comes from employees who have been “grown” within the business. These are [...]

Is your mirror well polished?

How would you rate yourself in terms of self-awareness? Self-awareness is about understanding what makes us tick including our strengths, weaknesses, drivers, emotions and beliefs. It's impossible to be self-aware 100% of the time in everything we do but having a high level is important for success at work. There are 2 main reasons: It is a key part of being [...]

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Why it matters how you show up!

You may have heard a lot of talk about unconscious bias lately. Essentially this is a term that refers to all our unconscious associations between characteristics, people and things! Links we don't consciously make and which may go unrecognised unless we consider them carefully. The debate about the danger of them is for another time. It is unconscious bias that is [...]

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How clean is your mirror?

How well do you really know yourself? Do you have clarity on how others see you? As I often say in workshops which involve body language and voice (which is many of them, as it's so important in many professional scenarios), most people don't have a good idea of how they appear to others. This is simply because unless we have [...]

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Encouragement feeds development

It is a good few years now since Inside Out Image was born. When I established it, the name came from a desire to really help people with their image and impact from the starting point of who they are and their professional situation; as opposed to making them someone they are not, like others etc. That is still the case. However, [...]

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