These posts discuss the importance of personal impact and offer guidance on improving it.

Personal brand – is it an outdated idea?

The term personal brand has been knocking around for several decades. I have to admit it’s not personally one I like but I think the idea behind it is still extremely important and frequently individuals don’t make enough time to consider theirs. This is particularly the case in the financial and professional services industries where knowledge and technical expertise are [...]

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How to give a strong and professional presentation in the workplace

A great workplace presentation can help you to stand out as an employee to watch. Although many people dread giving presentations – or public speaking of any kind – with the right focus and preparation a presentation can be both enjoyable and successful. Focus on your audience What often makes us nervous is when we think only about our own experience [...]

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Small changes make a big difference

I am currently working with a client who is only working with me, due to feedback from his boss; in fact it has been made clear he needs to work on his presence to progress in his company. This is always a more challenging proposition for me, as the person has not come to their own conclusion that they have elements [...]

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The ‘C’ word of personal impact

Personal impact, maybe you have given it a lot of thought, maybe you haven’t. One thing for sure is, people will be impacting you positively, neutrally or negatively all the time and you will be having an effect on them too. The 3 key ’tools’ that we all have relating to how we communicate ourselves and engage others are the [...]

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Personal impact is not all about others

People sometimes resent thinking about their personal impact, as it immediately stirs up thoughts of what others think and the dreaded word ‘judgement’. The thought that comes to mind is 'Why should I care what others think of me?'. Of course, a lot of personal impact is about the effect we have on others. From basic human instinct, when they [...]

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Who has been memorable to you this week?

How many people have you encountered this week? It’s probably several hundred, if you include shop assistants, people on the phone, colleagues – the list goes on. Some of those will have been fleeting encounters of no note at all; others will have had more of an impact on you – they were positively or negatively memorable. You see we [...]

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Which one are you?

Running my business is an enthralling endeavour, for all sorts of reasons. Some may think I’m slightly odd in that one of the reasons I love running group workshops (where most of the time people have not chosen to attend) is that I get a buzz from never knowing what I might be asked. Whilst similar questions do come up such [...]

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Why the lowest common denominator is good and bad news

The lowest common denominator – despite the image, I'm not talking fractions here! This term has come into my mind several times whilst recently working with some of my City clients. 30 years ago, there were very set dress codes. If you'd walked into pretty much any office in the City, everyone would have been dressed almost like clones. These days, [...]

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Gravitas – 5 reasons why it is a good thing

Gravitas, presence - what do those words mean to you? They often come with an air of mystery and magic, something difficult to define and probably unattainable. To read a dictionary definition, click here. Yes, there are some people who innately have gravitas. However, the good news is there are ways to increase it and they are learnable - all [...]

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