These posts discuss the importance of personal impact and offer guidance on improving it.

How can I be authentic in what I wear but still fit in?

Do you struggle to feel you? Do you feel your appearance doesn't reflect who you really are at work? Is authentic dressing appropriate? Authenticity is a buzz word of the moment but unlike many that come and go, it’s an important one in my view. There are a plethora of topics that could be discussed under the heading of authenticity but in [...]

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The best of Inside Out from the last week – image articles!

It’s been a fun packed week starting the 30 day blog challenge. Every day, I have been providing insights (and hopefully inspiration!) on everything image. I wanted to summarise the blogs I have created in case you missed any that may be useful to you! Just click on the titles to link directly to the articles. So… organised by topic…drum roll… [...]

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The small things that help personal confidence

If you regularly hear me speak or read my articles, you’ll know what counts towards a positive personal image – Appearance, Body Language and Communication skills. These are all so important for the first impression we make on others, the perception they form of us and on-going what we communicate about ourselves. However, underlying these is something that often only gets [...]

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From the minute you walk in, you are 'on stage'

The last month has been a really busy one, lots of great meetings, and different types of events that I have run and spoken at for exciting clients in different sectors. However, it is fascinating how questions recur, even in these very different scenarios with very different people. For those that have heard me speak on the importance of image and [...]

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BBC Article: Could a makeover save your career?

Professional image to boost your career success or, as the BBC say 'save your career' Great to see this article written by Katie Hope, the BBC Business reporter, published on-line  in September 2014. I couldn't have written it better myself and it is of course good to see it from an independent source! Expertise and experience are both vital for career success but [...]

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Healthy body for a good canvass and positive image

Every day there is something in the media about health, diet, weight loss, exercise...There's no doubt that keeping well and at a sensible weight is important for how you feel and remaining in good health for a longer, happier life. However, the state of your health has a massive effect on your image and other people's reaction when they meet you. [...]

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Ten reasons why image and impact matter at a personal level and for organisations

Attention paid to personal image and impact is often disregarded as a ‘nice to have’ or even worse, unimportant. However, ignore it at your peril, even if you've been in your industry a long time, have all the possible qualifications and a bucket load of experience… We need to relate to others to achieve success We gain a first impression of one [...]

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Personal Image On International Women’s Day

Every year, International Women’s Day is gathering pace with more and more activities taking place to mark it. I took part presenting on personal image for business success. I was presenting at the City Business Library, London. The library has many valuable resources for small business owners. There is lots of information on different sectors. However, the big difference compared to [...]

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