These posts offer guidance on how to have a positive professional image.

Basic courtesy is an essential part of your image

This article is focused on the importance of basic courtesy. How good are you at following-up? I don't just mean on glaring business opportunities but on less obvious ones too, as well as doing things you've promised and thanking those that have helped you. I've been amazed recently at the lack of following-up/basic courtesy I've experienced (if not personally, then [...]

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How can I be authentic in what I wear but still fit in?

Do you struggle to feel you? Do you feel your appearance doesn't reflect who you really are at work? Is authentic dressing appropriate? Authenticity is a buzz word of the moment but unlike many that come and go, it’s an important one in my view. There are a plethora of topics that could be discussed under the heading of authenticity but in [...]

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Getting A Promotion Is About So Much More Than Your Experience & Expertise

Corporate life has a continual focus on the next step. What's the next role? How long do I need to stay in this one before progressing to the next? What do I need to achieve before I can get there? You could argue, like lots of areas of life we are never wholly in the present. It's all about the next [...]

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Are you attracting and employing the people you need and want in your business?

How important are having the right employees in your business? For most businesses, it surely has to be a top priority. After all, they are not only responsible for doing the work but they are the face of your company too, delivering great customer/client service or not... When they have the choice of who to work with, prospects (both other businesses [...]

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When looking younger is a disadvantage!

If you think about the world around us, there's a continual desire and pressure to hold back time and look younger. The shelves in Boots are full of lotions and potions claiming 'anti-ageing'. Glossy magazines cite 'to do' lists to stop the effect of the ticking clock on our skin, hair and physique. Yet, interestingly, I have had several women recently [...]

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What does the internet say about you?

The internet is truly amazing, for most of us it has changed our lives in terms of how we do lots of things - job searching, shopping, researching, booking holidays and managing money. It gives us a fantastic opportunity not only to pull information but to push it too. What does the internet say about you? What happens if you Google yourself? [...]

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