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What does the internet say about you?

The internet is truly amazing, for most of us it has changed our lives in terms of how we do lots of things - job searching, shopping, researching, booking holidays and managing money. It gives us a fantastic opportunity not only to pull information but to push it too. What does the internet say about you? What happens if you Google yourself? [...]

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How important is fashion?

How wealthy I could be If I had £1 for every time someone has made a comment when talking to me along the lines of “you must know lots about fashion”, I’d be extremely wealthy. It’s the natural assumption I suppose and to an extent not factually incorrect as yes I do tend to know what is on-trend. However, would I [...]

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From the minute you walk in, you are 'on stage'

The last month has been a really busy one, lots of great meetings, and different types of events that I have run and spoken at for exciting clients in different sectors. However, it is fascinating how questions recur, even in these very different scenarios with very different people. For those that have heard me speak on the importance of image and [...]

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How to wear colour to work

Image consultants such as me are always expected to advise people not to wear black. It is true that black is not ideal for most Caucasian skin, hair and eye colourings. However, it’s more than that, it’s about getting people to wear more interesting colour tones i.e. not just the neutrals – black, grey, navy, white etc. This can seem challenging [...]

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FT article: Dress down workplace

Great article in the Financial Times on 20th October, worth a read no matter what your industry Publication: Financial Times (UK); Date: Oct 20, 2014; Section: Business Life; Page: 12 Tailoring a smart look for a dress-down workplace culture RHYMER RIGBY Most days at London advertising agency St Luke’s, Andrew Allen is the only person wearing a jacket and tie. Like many creative workplaces, St [...]

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Presenting yourself to communicate authority

To communicate authority is not always necessary, in fact less and less in today's corporate world. However, when we do need to it's important to think about how we should present ourselves to do so. Here are some key tips to consider if you have a situation where you need to communicate authority: Posture - standing/sitting up straight is essential, your [...]

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Heads turn when you walk in the room? How is your personal presence?

Personal presence is often talked about, usually in the context of whether someone has it or not! What does it really mean and how important is it for professional success? Heads turning is a bit extreme and could be slightly unnerving but it is often considered an important aspect of building professional relationships. From when I was a child, I remember going [...]

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BBC News presenters – the impact of colour & style choices

People tend to think I am always analysing how people present themselves - after all it is my job to help people work on their personal image. However, if I did, I'd truly go mad! It is simply the case that I notice if someone presents themselves particularly well, or less well let's say. This morning though, seeing one of the [...]

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